Friday, 10 June 2016

Fabulous F(ryan)day

Well it's that day of the week again, a double whammy!! Last working day of the week and the day that I get to post a picture of his Royal Ryanness.

Seeing him in the flesh at the moment is like catching a glimpse of a unicorn, so I have to make do with my 'stock' of pictures!

My wonderful alternative therapist  ( and besty friend Francesca)  & I were having a chat last night about all the things that are playing on my mind ( apart from Yorkshire) and probably stopping me from sleeping to boot.
She suddenly  told me that she often wished that she was me.............................................WTF!!!!!!
Why did she want this?

Well it turns out that Francesca, who  is 5ft 4in tall and a teeny tiny size 8, would love to be me who is  6ft 3in  and nowhere near or ever having  a hope in hell of being a size 8.

She said that I carry off any outfit well............................well to be honest a tent from  Milletts is not usually considered an outfit, and she would need a 2berth to my 8 berth!

However I am off to Millets today to buy a new tent as I am off out on the razz tonight, luckily they now do them in other shades than 'sludge green'!

Now to  more serious stuff,

 I would like to say thank you to all who messaged me regarding yesterdays blog.

I managed to break my own heart writing that piece and it did not sit well with  me after I had published it. ( resulting in me driving down the A1 with tears and mascara pouring down my cheeks).
A very strong reaction to vocalising how I felt.

I love my Club, I am Yorkshire through and through, It was a tough call to open my heart as I did.

 I thought that the same feeling may have been familiar to other....................and it was!

What's done is done, we cannot change the past few weeks, we have to 'gird our loins' and move into the middle part of the season now.


Yesterday also saw day one of the England V Sri Lanka

I went out for lunch and when I came back we had lost Compton ( well that was no surprise, not sure how he got back in the team in the first place). And Little Joey Root had gone ( the Yorkshire curse?).

however it took another redhead and Yorkshire too, to make it right, as Jonny B came to the crease.And just before close of play had hit his first century at Lords and brought England to   279 at stumps. With my boy on 107*

I had fumed at Henry Blowfeld chuntering on about Jonny's missed catches in the last matches, he was not vocal about Compton which would have been more interesting.
However by close of play Jonny was his new best friend #fickle

Day 2 begins at

Very sad news came through yesterday that up and coming bowler Hamza Ali who passed away on Wednesday. Ali had got into difficulties swimming in the river Avon and  died in hospital.
Thoughts are with is family and the cricketers who had played with him.

And so I wish you all a safe and fabulous F(ryan)day.

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