Friday, 17 June 2016

It's Fun Sophe and F(ryan)day

Thank flip it is F(ryan)day and last day of the working week..................................hahahah mine is already done and dusted as I have decided that  I am not going in to the office this morning.............let the boys run amok, let them steal the toilet rolls and the very expensive retractable pencils from the stationary cupboard ( I will be checking ebay later). I DO NOT CARE!!

I am off to Headingley later and  meeting Fun Sophe, and hopefully Susan will be able to get over, Gary is going to be there and we may even get the chance to be on hospital radio.

Actually lets scrap that idea completely, we will probably be making very little sense later.

However before that there was a 'cricnic' to prepare and bags to be sorted and washing to be hung on the line last night.

See the Yorky boys may have had a rest day yesterday but there was no such thing in The Chateau.
So last night  I was in full on 'busy' mode.

Now I am trying to get the last things prepared and then get in the shower. lots to do.

Yorkshire have been doing a bit of signing, and I don't mean autographs (that's later if I can drag Sophie over), they have re-signed  Azeem Rafiq and brought young Josh Shaw back from his loan to Gloucestershire.
Whilst Josh was there on loan he has taken 19 FC wickets and with the loss of Rashid & Plunkett to England and His Royal Ryanness still being on sick leave, we need to bolster the bowling. ( check me out I sound like PR guru!).

It appears that Ashley Giles gave the Lancashire boys a bit of a tongue lashing on Wednesday evening, seriously Ashley if you can find your own 'Narnia' it will work a treat, bung them under the stairs for a few hours they will be much more enthused when they come out.

Anyhow he  questioned the attitude of the team as they struggle against my boys. It was their heaviest defeat in A list cricket..

I however can only say

I never write anything political in this blog as it is really about cricket (and me), however yesterday morning a young mum set off to go about her daily work. sadly she never went home. Two children went to bed without their mum and a family was destroyed.

RIP Jo Cox

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