Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday lie in

well I had a lie in this morning due to that fact that besty chum Sharron and I had a four hour phone conversation last night and I crawled into bed at 12.20am!

We put the world to rights as only girls can, and this morning things are ticking over nicely at the chateau as the beds are stripped and the washing machine is on, I am on my first cup of french ground coffee (  which does not look to appealing as the almond milk  has curdled in the cup, tastes fine though), and I am about to make a start mowing the Deer Park, the sooner I get a goat ( or herd of goats) the better.

I am also going to give the wicket some attention and then deal with the vines!
yes its all going to be happening today.............................. until nap time!

Yesterday I went to Ladylaineyville and wandered around the shops which killed about 5 minutes.
Then spent a couple of hours in the extensive grounds sorting out the hydrangeas.

I think that they will all be a very deep purple colour this year ( except for the white ones obviously). I also have 'Lilly of the valley' and although only a few, hopefully next year they will be in abundance.

Proper little Percy Thrower  I am!! ( sadly autocorrect changed this to 'Pervy' Thrower!!!! caught it before I published this!).

I retired to the chaise longue to watch the cricket, well that didn't last long, Durham collapsed before the first over was over and although rallied towards the end  of their innings, were unable to see of Leicestershire.

Durham's Barry Mccarthy  ( has the same kind of ring as Paddy McGinty) has been called up for Ireland as Andrew Poynter retires.

My Boys are not in action until Tuesday when they are taking on Worcestershire. Yes I will be there on the boundary to see this clash.
I will also have my camera on the off chance that 'Commando boy' is playing. I have decided that this is the season that I finely get the last pictures for my yet to be published book ' Cricketers Posteriors'
Its been an on going project for the last 4 seasons so about time it was put into print.

Right my Wifi is playing silly beggers and I am worried that I am not going to get this published and lose every bit of nonsense I have typed..

So I bid you all farewell and have a peaceful Sunday

AARRRGGGHHHHH chuffing WiFi has gone down again, I hope you all manage to read this!

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davy said...

read loud and clear in sunny, yes sunny at last Brotton, hope to see you tuesday, and put the world of cricket to right