Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunny Sunday..........................NOT!!

Well it's a cricket Sunday and it's wet, here at the ch√Ęteau, the outfield is sodden but the wicket is fine thanks to 'Uncle rob' who made it.  However it's not the Chateau grounds that I am worried about but those at Chester le street.

Yes I am heading up to see 'Commando boy' in action for the second time in a week.......................I hope.
I am organised but not sure what will happen in the next few hours.

Francesca and I had a bit of a drinking session yesterday and  it didn't end well, We both were both in our respective homes and in bed before 8pm, after being out since 2.30pm. I had straightened my hair for the occasion...........................and do you think that it was straight when I got home.................was it my Aunt Nellie!!!!

This morning my hair looks like I have  been steamrollered on one side whilst I have corkscrew curls sticking out  at all angles on the other, very fetching is not a phrase I would use to describe myself.

I did manage to keep abreast of all this England as poor Jonny B has gone from hero to zero in the media, after dropping a catch. obviously an England wicket keeper in the whole history of the game has never,ever, ever done this before.

Comptons run of bad luck continued as he opened the batting, only to go for 19. Once again I ask how he got a place!

Joey Root is not having the test of his life as he fell for 4 and JB made 32.
England closed over night on 109-4.

Today my 'besty boys' are in action against Derbyshire, at Chesterfield, a ground that I love.

come on boys and  make me proud!

News that Samit Patel had not given up hope of returning to the England team, has been circulating. The tiny chubster has his eyes on a place in the team, and believe me he could open instead of Compton for me.
Having watched the T20 final from 10 years ago, the other night I have to say far play to Patel his figure has not altered in the last 10 years!!!

I fear I am starting to model myself on him!!

 Super dooper short today as I have things to do before I head out of the door at 10.00am to go off to Chester le Street.

Weather permitting!

Oh and more news on the 'where you read the blog', Fab friend Susan reads it whilst having her breakfast..............very civilised!

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6 hr drinking session impressive lainey