Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tired old Tuesday

So after the total let down yesterday morning, realising that I have to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and was not heading off to Headingley for a new job, well my day  was destined to be   'not good'.

At 10am I popped to the little ladies room only to discover that I had my dress on back to front!!!
OMG!!!! I decided not to tempt fate  and switch it round, so that was my day down the fashion pan!

And the Test was a wash out too, they could have been swimming in some of the puddles on the outfield.

So that was the cricket over and done with!.
However it did not stop the persistent mumblings about Jonny B, for goodness sake he batted better than any one else in the team and then is slated for his wicketkeeping, the media and especially the old duffers on TMS, know how to destroy an England career.

the news of the team for the ODI series has been announced and Root, Bairstow, Rashid, Willey and Plunkett have been named in the squad. Ah yes Liam, lets hope he is not just a seat warmer for them AGAIN!

My boys also have Root and Bairstow back for the clash on Friday when the combined and every growing  Yorks/Notts gang will be together again.............

My Boys are today at the lovely ground at North Marine Road,Scarbados where they are taking on Norhamptonshire.


I read with interest the piece on Jonny Bairstow' in 'All out cricket'. It was great to hear what his Royal Ryanness had to say ( at least he has been busy during his 'sick leave' and not spending his time watching 'Bargain Hunt' and 'Murder she wrote')

I loved that he admitted that as both were 'a bit red' they could be moody.

hahaha I realised how much I have been missing His Royal Ryanness on the field, with his little foot stamp when the Umpire does not give out to one of his deliveries. Always make me chuckle!

What doesn't make me chuckle though is the prospect of another day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, too many chiefs and some not even given the title!!!

Too much work and not enough administrators. Thats the problem.

oh well it pays for tiaras and the likes............................could be a new handbag day today!

Have a good one!

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