Thursday, 16 June 2016

What a difference a week makes!!

OMG!!!!!!! This time last week I was typing the blog in full waterworks mode with a bucket next to me as I was convinced that I would, at some point be sick, as I went into full spleen venting mode about the horror that  I had witnessed at Headingley.

today I would like to say that I am calmer..........................................NOT A CHUFFING CHANCE MATE!!!!!

What a bunch of beauties!!!!

What a fantastic two days of cricket

What a way to show her Ladyship not to lose hope

What amazing wins

What the devil has Adam Lyth been eating? two days, two centuries!?!?!

Well if you didn't know, Yorkshire won,  they beat the enemy and actually  Lancashire failed to even get close to Adam Lyth's score. yes the whole team!!

All out for 84!!!!

Karl  Carver put on a brilliant bowling display, 3-5!!!!!!! brilliant day for the youngster.

and Yorkshire had their highest ever recorded victory!

I did not dare to run round the kitchen with my Yorkshire shirt over my head when the news came through for fear of doing myself a serious injury............................................

I could not have been prouder/happier/louder than I was!

Every Yorkshire fan who doubted and slated the team and the support staff should be having humble pie for breakfast again today,
I am having it with a side order of oats and linseeds.
I have been put firmly in my place by the team that I love..................................and I love it!

Now to Notts news.

they had been playing 'cricket hokey cokey' over at Chester le Street  due to the rain, but posted a  a score of 275.

However due to the 'Jack and Vera' coming into action ( D/L to the uninitiated). You know the one, rain affects play so you calculate how many runs the other team need by multiplying  how many years Jack and Vera were married by how many pints Jack had in the Rovers at lunchtime and subtract the square root of how many times Terry has been in prison, SIMPLES!!!!

 Durham managed to pull off a win.

There was some cricket played yesterday!

Today is wet but do I care!!!! Of course not I am off on my mini holibobs tomorrow for fun, food and cricket.

Roll on F(ryan)day

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