Thursday, 21 July 2016

Finally it's F(ryan)day

Well it's F(ryan)day  the best day of the week according to former employee Dan Dan Cowboy Draughtsman. For me at the moment any day with cricket is the best day of the week.

Today we also have T20 cricket 'My Boys' are taking on 'Uncle Rob's' boys, Northants, I fear that there might be some messages crossing the 't'interweb' ce soir! and again prochaine semaine, when they are playing each other for the second time ( those fixtures were not very well thought out!).
I am going to Chester le Street with Mr funky the Chauffeur but will be keeping up on Twitter and cheering my boys on at Headingley.

Today His Royal Ryanness is playing in a match for Lashing CC, I  have been to the Lashing Sports Bar in Maidstone,as a guest of Hampshire 2nd's, but I digress. he is playing down in Amersham very close to old home of I Lady Lainey in Moor Park. ( both on the Met Line).

I hope that this is a sign that he will be back with the team VERY soon!

Last night it was the London derby at Lords with over 27,000 people filing through the hallowed gates.
It was a great match and although it grieves me to say it I was cheering on Middlesex ( in honour of El Presidenti and the First lady ).

Brilliant knock by George Bailey helped Middx over the line.
To take nothing away from Surrey, former temporary Tyke, Finch hit a brilliant 78.

There will have been much yahooing in the Presidential suite after the match I suspect.

And the interview?

well I came away feeling a lot more positive than when I went in, this is just the first round so anything can happen and it won't be instantanious, but tiny steps and all that malarchy.

So as I set off to Super Sawanky Lady Lainey office  I am feeling a little bit more positive and hope that  i can get my 'in tray' emptied before close of play.........................

.................however with the start of the 2nd test, I am not too sure, as I will be tuned in at 10.55am

have a great F(ryan)day and for me it is 7 working hours away from the weekend..............bring it on!

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