Thursday, 14 July 2016

It was a bit of a cricket day yesterday!

well now, yesterday was a bit of a day for brilliant cricket!

Where to start?

Well lets head to Taunton where there has been a huge amount of runs scored by Tres a & Trego as they declared on  446-9

Middx went into bat, opening bat Gubbins putting on 76, Simpson put on 79 whilst the super tall Ollie Rayner went for a duck!

Although they lost batsmen in very quick succession they ploughed on and won the match when  John Simpson hit a six to take the match with 2 balls remaining.

They showed great team playing and I have to say I was waiting for my message from El Presidenti, and sure as eggs is eggs it came through.

To say that he was proud of his boys ( and rightly so) is an understatement.

And then there was The oval.

Well rain has not been kind to my boys as they had to head back to the pavilion due to precipitation, BUT, Adam Lyth found his early season form and hit a century, whilst Galey finally put some decent runs on the board and hit 61 before being bowled by much hyped whiz kind Tom Curran.

TLJL was out for a duck which did not please I,. Lady Lainey at all, and Meaker is now had his name put on my 'list' of bowlers I need to have a word with!

They were 207-3 at stumps with Lyth still in there on 116.

Come on boys we need batting points today and to show those 'southern softies' a thing or two!

I meanwhile managed to sort out with Durham CCC and The Lords Taverners the reuse of the  cricket equipment that I was given last week.
Donating old kit and equipment will help to further the cricket cause and will either be used in this country or sent abroad.

Do it if you have any old bits and pieces ( in usable condition) lurking in your garage.

Well the sun is shining and I am ready to face another day in the 'oriface'

Be sure that I will be checking Twitter for all things Yorkshire.

Come on lads lets get some points!

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