Monday, 25 July 2016

MY BOYS!!!!!

Well it is obvious what I will be banging on about today, so lets get to it!.

Sunday morning, washing and cooking under way.
Test match under way.
Yorkshire batting under way.

It didn't look good as Lyth was run out for 2
New boy Travis head came into back with Captain Lees until he went for 32.
Head was making runs and then TLJL came in, and yes I know I have been harping on about him since last year, but he shows great talent............................and yesterday, well he showed it magnificently.

Travis was motoring away and so was TLJL!!! I was trying to keep up on twitter, but the 'Yupdates' were not that  forthcoming.
I realised TLJL had scored 50 and then saw how Travis was going.


So lets just get to the end of the innings. Travis scored 175, TLJL was 131*. Little Timmy Bresnan scored 28 and The Tykes posted 376-3!!!

Flipping heck!

By this time I had been visited by Pauly Paul and Dynamo Dom, and also Dame Didi..

Yorkshire took to the field and made short work of Leicestershire as they saw them off for 185.

Just to say that Travis and TLJL  made a record highest stand  in a limited overs game beating an unbroken 242 by Martyn Moxon and Ashley Metcalfe against Warwickshire in 1990.

I think that my little rosebud should be in full bloom now???? Surely?????

Well done those boys, all of them


In the test, well England bowled out Pakistan for not many and went back into bat, this nearly crashed Twitter as people were wondering why they didn't make Pakistan follow on.

I didn't care, I was too busy doing victory laps round the extensive grounds of the chateau with my yorkshire shirt over my head.

Oh well now to put an end to all that excitement as I am off to work!

its been a bit of a weekend!

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