Monday, 18 July 2016

well that didn't go as planned!

England lost against Pakistan at Lords although I guess you all knew that.

High spot was Jonny B and a well played and calculated innings.
Low spot, Moeen Ali out with a terrible shot.

No point in a post mortem, what's done is done and onwards to Old Trafford.

After feeling less than 'Ladylike' yesterday morning the day went well, with much washing and cooking being done as well a having ' 40 winks' and doing some housework.

I have no cricket action until Wednesday when Yorkshire take on Durham in T20 action, Do I wish I was there?
well of course but sadly work is getting in the of all things cricket.

Over in Southport, Durham were visiting Lancashire and much chat on TMS was  around Jimmy Anderson and Ben Stokes and their possible recall to the test side.
Well after Mr Stokes and his  antics on Friday evening I would suggest that they give him a miss until he learns to play in the true spirit of the game.

I am also waiting today to hear from Durham re my run in with the horribly rude receptionist.

It does not make my decision to take myself out of the membership pool, but it will be worth hearing what they have to say.

News from the club is that Phil Mustard is not renewing his contract with them and will leave at the end of the season, a daring move by the local lad, finally putting his toe over  the line of the 'Durham Triangle' and seeing that there is life outside of it.
Will Wood and Borthwick follow suit?

Well only time and much pushing by Surrey will tell.
As the saying goes 'Familiarity breeds contempt' and I feel that this shows nowhere better than at Durham CCC  #myopiniononly

I have another 'funpacked' week in store which starts today at 3pm when a staff meeting has been called to sort out some 'issues' and to make office boys adhere to the staff manual.
Well you can see how that will go down.
Lead balloon comes to mind!

Oh well time to face the mob.

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