Monday, 29 August 2016

And now its Bank Holiday Monday

And now it is Bank Holiday Monday and I am truly focusing on the things that are important..............

nope, not washing, or housework, or cooking..................The County Championship.

So now that we have got the white ball thing out of the way, its time to regroup and move forward to Southampton.

There are certain things that I expect from my boys or else I will be sending them all to Narnia ( under my stairs) and I really do not think that they want that.

1. I need total  concentration on the CC

2. I need His Royal Ryanness to up his FC wicket haul

3. I need TLJL to get some runs

4. I need all my boys to know that win or lose I am right behind them

And so to yesterday.I arrived bright and early and had to park in Bradford ( car park F) and lug my bags up the lane, I did however bump int Jack Russell......................can you believe,2 years and not seen each other and then twice in a week!.

The early rain had stopped when I arrived in Leeds and things were looking good. I took up my seat and waited for Craig who was finishing his shift in Castleford and then coming over.

Craig arrived and then Gary came over with coffee and a score card.

 Yorkshire won the toss and decided to have a bowl.

The first ten minutes saw the loss of big hitters as Sibley went for a duck and then Sangakkara go for 4, but Davies was a different kettle of fish!
His 104 and Foakes 90 helped Surrey to  255-7.

Craig and I had lunch and chatted to various friends around the ground.

To huge cheers the  Yorkshire openers came out

Sadly Lyth  was gone for 4, Lees for 26 and we were pinning our hopes on Ballance and Bairstow.
Well that didn't happen.

TLJL  put on 3 much to my disappointment and Craigs amusement.
It took little Timmy Bresnan to step up to the mark.
A cracking knock of 68 along with Matthew Waites 38 and  his 3  earlier wickets, were not quite enough to get us to the final.

We fell 19 short.

The boys have no reason to be downhearted, they played well, but this week have a trip to Hampshire to think about and have to focus on the County Championship.

I know that they know this, but I am just reminding them.

And today, well I am heading home from my other home at The Headingley Lodge, where I had a terrible night thanks to some very, very, noisey neighbours. At 2am they were very close to facing the wrath of the 'ginger ninja' but calmed down  as I was struggling to get dressed.

I climbed back into bed and slept right through until the clean up crew arrived in the stadium at 7.30am.

So I am off back to the Chateau, prepare myself for a week at work.

Just to say I am totally proud of my boys, they have shown us that they CAN play white ball cricket as well as they play red ball.
BUT it is the red ball stuff that I am concerned about.



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ricky said...

I wonder how many Surrey players were on England duty ? Because we always suffer due to us giving them the best part of half a team, our time will arrive when the 'younger' players have more experience..... have a good week