Saturday, 27 August 2016

I have no idea where I am!

This time last week I was in Birmingham, then I have been to Scarbados and tomorrow I am at Headingley. Add to that the finger injury , antibiotics, raging temperature........................well its been some week and I am trying to get myself sorted for today.

However lets just recap on events from yesterday.

Woke up felt terrible.

Got ready headed to the cricket ground.

Dropped cake off for Cally and Dave Bracegirdle and sweeties for Big Luke.

collapsed in my seat.

The sun was belting down and it was going to be a glorious day

Had a visit from Chairman Steve and the lovely Jemima and then it was cricket.

First over of the day saw Tom Moores back in the pavilion and the yorkshire fans getting a little bit excited.

The gentleman next to me kept applying more sun cream and then checking his weather app to see if it was going to rain!?!?

Notts tried in vain to put on some runs but with Little Timmy Bresnan being a demon with the ball (5-36) this has me wondering exactly what he'd  had for his breakfast!!

Jack Brooks waded in with 4-35 and Notts were all out for 146.

I think the Yorkshire fans were in a bit of shock or they were all having a nap after lunch as it took a few seconds for it all to sink in!

The boys are now  hot on the heels of Middlesex.

The question of whether they should have enforced the follow on , was quickly forgotten.

And so I was on the car and on the road again earlier than expected.

however the finger was not getting any better, so a visit to the walk in clinic was in order and by the time they came to poke the affected area, I was nearly at fainting point and was a little 'icky' to say the least.
An injection and more antibiotics  would  do the trick I was told.

well judging by the state of me this morning, the injection was no miracle cure!

And so lots to do today and not a lot of time to try to make a 'silk purse' out of this sows ear.

I will leave you all to Saturday and to a resounding win by my boys.

Tomorrow morning I will be on the road again!


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