Sunday, 28 August 2016

It's semi finals day!

I am up and ready for the off but it is cold dark and wet!

it will get better I know it will!

At least the hydrangea are getting a good watering!

I can hear it outside and I am thinking that the limo may well stay in the garage as I go to Headingley by Ark!

Come on, give us a break, stop raining!

I have little to report about yesterday as it was gone in a haze of painkillers and feeling  a little bit spaced out, however good news is that I think that the finger is finally on the mend, it still looks red and 'angry' but the swelling is most definitely going done and  I can touch it without nearly fainting!

Whatever it was that caused it, I never want to have to go through it again!

We have some chinks of daylight outside but the rain is not showing any signs of stopping, I am not best pleased!

I didn't see any of the ODI yesterday, although I did hear that Liam Plunkett took a great catch. And they moved forward with a 2-0 lead in the series.

There was also a nasty collision between Root and Rashid, which luckily did not prove too serious, although we all know how it could have turned out.

After the match today, Yorkshire will be in Southampton by the end of the week.

Worryingly there is still no news on the health of the lovely Michael Carberry.
We wish him well.

Right it is super short today as I am about to don my sou'wester and galoshes and put my 'stuff' in the car, then off to Headingley to meet up with Craig and hopefully have a fun and winning day.

If you are going to Headingley, I'll see you later. If not, I;ll be back here tomorrow!

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ricky said...

Stay away rain ... Enjoy the cricket come on Yorkshire