Monday, 22 August 2016

Meanwhile back in the real world

It;s Monday, It's raining and it's work, but it is only 14 official working hours until I am on my holibobs!

And believe me when I say that I need them!

Today I am tired, achy and not in the mood for office boy antics!

There is a good chance of shouting I can tall you!

I can however see a little tiny chink of blue sky , which is making me smile.

Yesterday was a wash out in the Chateau there was some washing done and the chance to of out to lunch and as I struggled to get myself ready that was cancelled, so I set up camp pm  the sofa where I stayed until bedtime!

I was so tired that I could not even bring myself to concentrate on the South Africa match ( which then was rained off ). Even the prospect of 'the stare' from Dale Steyn could not invoked any enthusiasm.

Sunday gone and a new week begins

What a busy one this is going to be.

I  have packed my case and  am sort of sorted out food.

It is the start of a big week for my boys as they begin there championship title race taking on  Nottinghamshire.

I have been given my orders re making sure that Luke Fletcher is supplied with sweeties and I now know that haribo shares will be going through the roof.

All systems are now trying to get started and I am showered and the birdnest is  sorted ( whatever sorted means)/

So let the mayhem begin!

Tonight will be a frenzy of repacking the case, making 'nut roast' and early to bed.

It;s getting a little bit exciting!

see you in the morrow!

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