Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Midweek madness

Well it was a busy day yesterday and I was totally exhausted by the time I got home and  had dinner.
I was also a tad angry but that is best put to one side and forgotten as we all know that you never make a Scorpio cross.....................

So what else happened.

Well after the shock departure of Travis Head from Yorkshire, we were all expecting the announcement  at 7am this morning. However they let everyone know at 4pm yesterday that  they had signed Jake Lehmann.
Well that was a not on my radar,although I had thought about him and then dismissed it.

Well lets see what the lad can do. I am sure that he will have a huge following from friends and fans of his Dad.
Go well young Jake.

I settled down to watch the QF between Nothants and Middlesex.

I had spoken to El Presidenti earlier in the afternoon and he said they needed 'bodies'.

I would like to say it was a great match, but it was very one sided and Northamptonshire went through to finals day.

Highlights of my watching?

Well Ollie Rayner in the comms box, I'm not sure what he was saying but he looked a damn sight better than the old pundits in there.

Steeler the Northants mascot, giving all the Northants boys a hug at the end of the game, although how he managed to get his paws around some of them is a mystery to me!

Well done those Northants boys and I know that 'uncleRob' was jolly chuffed by the result.

Today is going to be equally busy as I head off early to collect my new Dictaphone..................... how much excitement can a Lady stand!!!????

Well I am starting to 'bubble' with excitement for tomorrow nights match,

but tomorrow is another day.

Bon Journee

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