Saturday, 13 August 2016

Quiet Saturday

Oh my dog, do I feel 'ruff' this morning, my planned early night went out the window as I phoned big sister Dame Didi at 7pm and by 10pm thought that it was time we cut the call short, she is coming over today so we can finish our 'natter'!

I am also decorating her 'big' birthday cake ready for the 'big' birthday party in a couple of weeks time. I have super busy weekends ahead.
next week, Finals day
week after, Wedding
week after that, Dame's 'Big' birthday bash

and there is still cricket.

Talking cricket, the test match is still ongoing. There were centuries a plenty from Pakistan  as they went in to a 12 run lead overnight.

I had the radio on at work yesterday but was in too much of a daze to really take in what was happening.

I will settle down today to  watch, if I have time after the Dame has been.

I was told that I was fickle yesterday in certain parts ( by a person who left a comment anonymously), for celebrating  Yorkshire getting through to T20 Finals day.

This because I had branded T20 'Circus cricket'.
Well those of you who read the blog regularly, and those of you who know me,  will know that I make this statement often and I stand by it.
The game is however,  a money spinner for counties, and, as they can usually fill their grounds and make money in a short space of time, and it brings in children it is a win/win situation for cricket in general.

Just because i am not a fan of short form cricket does not mean that I do not cheer my boys on in this or any other form of the game.

What will I be called next?

Not a true Yorkshire fan because I also hold a Durham membership?


Again those of you who know me will know that I love cricket and as I live 75 miles from Headingley and only 15 miles from Chester le Street will see the logic.
any cricket is better than no cricket.

I am a true cricket fan.

I am surprised I wasn't panned for cheering Middlesex on the other night.

water off a ducks a**e mate, at least it gave me a laugh.

and laughter is good for you!

Until tomorrow.

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