Thursday, 4 August 2016

Start of a big end of week!

Well it is Thursday and it is the start of a full on, very busy, end of week for my boys.

Today is the start of the 4 day County Championship match against Warwickshire. And I know from seeing the 13 man named squad that His Royal Ryanness is back.......................he may be the 'water boy', we will have to wait and see what is decided!

Which ever way, it is brilliant to have him back in first team form.

I have missed HRR very much, especially his wicket taking.

Meanwhile, yesterday over at the 3rd test, I have had to eat humble pie ( vegan version) over my claims that Steve Finn would not make the line up!
Well he did, and some........... he hit  15 and played some amazing shots!
England ended their innings on  297.with Gary Ballance being highest run maker on 70.

All to play for.

it was also announced yesterday that My Boys will play their QF match in Kent! that's nearly abroad! its nearly the home of I, Lady Lainey in France!  That's a chuffing long way to travel and sadly I can't, but that does not mean that I will not be glued to the scores as I am cheering them on .

Little Timmy Bresnan has been named as one of the automatic choices for the inaugural North/South 50 over series  in The UAE next March.
This series has been made up so that selectors, ICC bods and any other hangers on can have a jolly in the sunshine whilst we freeze our whatnots off here in Blighty.
Maybe they should invest more money into cricket for children in this country to bring through the next generation?
Nice jolly if you are on it.

Just saying!

Well, I cannot wait for tomorrow when I hopefully will be able to see HRR in the 'real' after too long away.
In the meantime I have to head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and entertain architects with my wit.................and if that fails then the gaze is formidable enough to get me what  I want!

Have a cracking Thursday....................its a cricket day and I am super bouncy happy clappy excited, just imagine how unbearable I will be tomorrow!

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