Tuesday, 9 August 2016

things are looking brighter or are they?

Well I did not expect to be getting up this morning and writing that things are looking better for the rest of my 'holibobs' however it is not looking so good for my trip to Dubai in November which may now be on hold until the New Year.
Well if it means that I get to see cricket then that's all I care about.

What I do care about is the 'shock' news that Travis Head the 'little joey' has been called up by Australia........... meaning that  yesterday must have been manic  as they tried to find a replacement.
Who will it be?

Well all will be revealed at 7am tomorrow

I had best be all ready for that one, so Dave the blog will not be published by 6.55am tomorrow.

I watched the Notts v Essex T20 QF last night and boy what a game that was.

Big Lukey was relegated to water boy, but with Samit Patel bowling like a mad man it was Notts night..

My one worry was when Samit launched himself at anyone nearby after taking a wicket, he's one solid little fellow!
They are now matching onto finals day!

Sophie was a very happy lapin last night!

'Big Mac' Brendan McCullum will miss  Middx's T20 tie  against Northants tonight  as he has a back injury.

 I am hoping that this will not affect the team. much, even though Steeler the Norhtants mascot has made me chuckle this T20 season, I am backing The Middlesex boys tonight just for El Presidenti mind you!

It's full on cricket evenings this week, so expect nothing getting done in the chateau, good job lunches were prepared in advance. I just get home in time to stuff some chickpea concoction down my cake hole and then settle myself on the Chaise Longue.
Well, I am always hopeful that the cleaning fairies will come whilst I am asleep.

I am now heading off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office, and cannot wait to see who we are getting to replace Travis.

my wish list is as follows.

Abraham Benjamin
Michael Neser
Glenn Maxwell ( keeping tight grip on hotel key if it is)
Joe Scuderi ( thats my wild card hahahahaha)

until tomorrow

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