Saturday, 6 August 2016

Well it really was a F(ryan)day yesterday

OK, OK, I know that I always say that no one man is a team, and I stand by that, but yesterday to tip up at HQ and see His Royal Ryanness end the first innings on 13*, then be back opening the bowling and taking 3 wickets (400 FC for Yorkshire and 723 in total ), and take a catch , well my day was going swimmingly.

AND then to see TLJL take a cracking catch, could it get any better........................

of course it could.

I had been greeted by the lovely John just after arriving at the ground, and he said that I had been missed, then Ray, keeper of the gate said the same thing.
How wonderful nd really lovely to hear.

no one ever said that to me at Durham!!!

I then had the best visitors over in 'cow corner', when Mark and Sharon, wonderful Twitter friends arrived fresh from Leeds/Bradford airport after flying in from Ireland.

What a fabulous day I spent in their company.

How wonderful to meet them both and lots of Yorkshire chatter,both cricket and the beauty of the county.

I hope that they have a wonderful time in York today.

And Yorkshire CCC?

Well after finishing their first innings on  257, they then bowled Warwickshire out for 179 ( and there was much yahooing at that), however the runs were slow coming in their second innings and by close of play they were 5 wickts down!!!

Even TLJL could not get going in the run department.

I am expecting today that there will be runs aplenty and I will be hoarse by the time I set off home.


And in the test, apparently England were fighting back.

 Well time and Headingley wait for no Lady so I am off to the shops before I head back to cheer my boys on..

Happy Saturday



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