Thursday, 25 August 2016

Well now it was all going off yesterday

Well I arrived in Scarbados and parked the car, I had a little wander down to the wonderful Atlanta Guest House and had a the most amazing  vegan  breakfast freshly prepared by Ed and Sue. I was in much need of it I can tell you.

 I then headed to the ground and toddled up to the 'comms' box to meet Dave Bracegirdle and see Dave Callaghan, I gave them a cake and had a quick chat, before delivering a cake to Jack Russell , a belated birthday cake too.
It was lovely to see Jack again. And my Scarborough picture will be on the way to me very soon.

Then I sat down, in scorching sunshine  to watch.................

And His Royal Ryanness decided to put on a show just for me! ( well that's how I see it) and took 3-21, with Little Timmy and Jack Brooks also taking 3 wickets a pieces and finishing Notts off for less than 100 (94 to be precise).

Yorkshire posted 200-4 over night, which included my little rosebud ( OK he is a full blown rose now) who hit 15 ( need him back in the hard hitting brigade soon).

And talking about TLJL, his Mum came over and introduced herself  to me, she had seen me at Finals Day, Now this means either

1. I am getting my feet under the table and will be tipping up at Christmas

2. She was warning me off.

Actually she was lovely, she had heard me shouting for Jack on Saturday ( as had the whole of Birmingham), and spotted me when she came into the Scarborough ground, so we had a long chat about TLJL, which I cannot disclose in here!

I also met the maker of my cricket Gnomes, Ted Kirwan and his lovely wife Norma.
They both looked very well and I got an order to them for 3 cricketers, which will be adorning the garden of one of my good friends an ex Australia and Lancs cricketer.

And as if that is not enough excitement for one  day, I got back to the hotel and had a ................Bath!! first one in months.

Sadly today I have woken up to the sound of rain, which was forecast, but I had hoped would not materialise.

Well time for another bath, before I head to the shops to get some sweeties for 'Big ' Luke Fletcher and wander to the ground, probably a little later than expected.

Hope you all have a good day.


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