Thursday, 15 September 2016

And so............................

With my feet firmly on the ground, I know that it is game on.

Middlesex were held up in their hopes of a win against Lancashire with  a magnificent century by Rob Jones and what better way to score your maiden century than by helping out my boys!

My boys were in a dire position by lunch and then we had a maiden century hit by Jake Lehmann which did not help us to win the game but did help to rectify some of the carnage that had occurred.

We lost but we went down fighting ( eventually). Lehmann will not be available at Lords.

Which could mean a possible appearance of TLJL...........................

Oh and I might get to see TLML, and  I promise not to shout and whistle at her son!

The main news was the announcement  from the ECB that they are in the process of killing off the County Championship and we will be playing 'circus cricket'  in an eight team tournament.( well that's not what thtey actually said but it is what they appear to want)

Hmmm, I will still support Yorkshire, Headingley,Leeds what ever they choose to be called, in what ever guise they adopt but I doubt that they will have my bum on a seat as I will be watching from home ( unless I am meeting Sophie that is)
Apparently this is not a franchised event (yet!!! that will be announced next year mark my words!).

They will not be using our county players but will 'mix and match'.

well we will have to see how it pans out and at the moment no amount of foot stamping is going to stop the ECB on their mission.

I honesty think that they are short sighted and  that they underestimate the value of County Cricket, look at the prospect of next week.
How many Yorkshire, Middlesex and Somerset fans are all at this moment standing with their fingers crossed?

How many of these fans are in a state of nervous excitement?

Well I am for one.

And I am taking this nervous excitement to super swanky Lady Lainey office where I will shout at boys become hyperactive by drinking way too much black coffee and look nervously pretty for 7 hours.........

....................whilst also putting quill to paper to the ECB!!!!!!

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ricky said...

It happy about 'new' twenty 20 lainey I read
I thought it was inevitable to be honest, at least the domestic twenty 20 will remain ..... but for how long ?