Sunday, 4 September 2016

Cricket against Domestic Violence

Today at Headingley they are using cricket to highlight domestic abuse.
It should be a great day with T20 matches involving celebrities and also lots for the children to do too.

Domestic abuse is not just about physical violence. Sometimes the effects of metal 'torture' can be harder to heal than physical injuries.
It is not just about woman being victims as it is prevalent to both sexes and all cultures.

Using cricket to  highlight this, lets hope that the message becomes widespread.

I know the effects of this and how your life can be blighted by someones cruel and malevolent behaviour.
Cricket has always been part of my life and it was and is part of my healing process, lets hope that it can get the message across and help others too.

have a fabulous day to everyone that is taking part or attending.
I wish I could be there but after last nights family knees up, I am not fit to drive to the end of the street!

And talking yesterday, well it didn't start too well as the washing machine decided to kick it's legs up  when it was full!!! Luckily I was able to get the washing out and after a frantic half hour,  I managed to sort out to get a new one, however it means that there will be no washing done today...................disaster.

And then there was the party!

What an evening that was.
Dame Didi and I finished off  bits and pieces and then we headed off to let out hair down.

All the family showed up except for the southern side who had sent apologies.

The monster children nephews did  keep the bar busy AND even got up to dance!

It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed themselves and we all had a chance to catch up.

Dane Didi  and I got back to the Chateau after the witching hour and she then opened her cards and some of her presents. before we headed to our beds.

And then there was cricket.......................

So rain was forecast at Edgbaston  and it poured, however they did get some play but not enough to secure a win.

My boys were also affected by the weather after taking 4 Hampshire wickets.

Both matches were drawn, but it saw Middlesex's lead of Division one cut to 4 points.

Its all to play for.

And now, well as there is no washing to be done, I might just go back to bed.

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