Thursday, 29 September 2016

It's Thursday and its very cold

Well I am listening to the wind blowing a hooley outside and  it is none too warm either, yes it is Autumn and feeling very much cooler than this time last week when I was in the South of England.

However back to important things, as it was announced that Jimmy Anderson would not be touring  Bangladesh because of a shoulder injury.

The 34 year old hasn't played since August, and this seems to stem from a stress fracture suffered in June.
Last winter he was out with a calf injury.

So it makes me wonder, if the players are so well 'managed' is it because of his age?

A replacement for him is set to be announced this morning, with all bets being on Jake Ball.

well done to Ben Duckett who became the first player ever to secure both 'Player of the year' and 'young player off the year' in the same year, at last nights PCA awards..

Whilst checking the 'ins' and 'outs' around the counties, Middlesex and Yorkshire appear at the moment the only teams to be holding onto their players, which is good news all round.

Durham have none in and half the chuffing team racing down the A1.

I also have to praise the staff in  the Yorkshire shop as I emailed yesterday with a request and had a reply almost instantly. Brilliant service  and well worth a mention.

I was chatting to a friend who has a vacancy for a coach on his staff,

'Are you interested?' he asked

'Oh very' I replied

'but the only level 3 award I have to my name is BAGA Gymnastics, will that count?'

Needless to say I am not in the running, although I think a couple of cartwheels and a backflip on the way to retrieve the ball on the boundary could be the way forward!

I have to say that I am only joking, especially with His Royal Ryanness's injury record!

So as Thursday starts in earnest, I think that it is time to sort out the orange afro, think about getting the winter coats out of storage and polishing my boots.

Yes cricket is over and now time to wrap up warm and dream of April.

Until tomorrow

Keep warm!

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