Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Keep your eye on the prize!

and so to this mornings team talk!

1. Adam and Jake, the weight of the whole of Yorkshire may seem to be on your shoulders this morning, but look at it this way,what is that weight compared to lifting the weight of the championship trophy?

2.Somerset's bowling attack are smelling blood, so stick a plaster on the wounds and  bat for Yorkshire

3.Make sure His Royal Ryanness is on the 'fizzio's' bench until he is needed to bat.

4. Tim, if your heroics are needed today, make them count

5. come on boys you can do this.

Team talk to Lancashire

1. Make sure that you are all doing the rain dance today and tomorrow.

End of team talk.

There is no point rehashing yesterday as we all know what happened.
But a worthy mention is for the 'Rolls Royce' of Yorkshire, His Royal Ryanness who took 5-51.

I am always harping on about HRR, as you know, but his bowling figures speak for themselves and after breaking the bat of Trescothick with one delivery we know that there is still a lot of power behind those deliveries.
His run up may have slowed down slightly but he is still one of the most economical bowlers around, and truly competitive.

Gillespie the gallant had a spell in the comms box where he presented  Cally with a signed bat for his duties to the Yorkshire commentary.

And he also was pressed to comment on the Morgan question.
The answer was that if he had been in  Eoin Morgans position he would have gone to Bangladesh.

Well I love the fact that he still says it as it is.
And I am sure that a lot of people will agree.

Sad news that Phil Simmons has parted company with The West Indies.

Phil there is an empty seat at Yorkshire!
Lets have a bit of Caribbean zest in the Yorkshire cocktail!

And so let the battle recommence

Wear your white rose with pride.


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Peter said...

Brilliant, let's hope your motivation works. Pity Capt Gale and Lancs Capt appeared to have made wrong decisions at the toss.