Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Last chat with Jason.....

Jason, I just want to say thank you  to you for taking the time  to speak to me again, I appreciate that at the moment things are a little bit 'mad', so I am very grateful.

Well sadly for all of the Yorkshire supporters, after much speculation, we are now coming to terms with the fact that you are leaving the club,

What have been the highlights for you from the last 5 seasons ( apart from meeting me!).

 Promotion from Division 2  in 2012, 40% of that season we were washed out, so it was a great effort.

Winning the Championship  and seeing the lads achieve personal and team success.

You came to Yorkshire as a 'novice' and are leaving as a championship winning coach, how does that feel?

I wasn't strictly speaking a novice as I had coached  Australia A, and Midwest Rhino's in Zimbabwe as well as a being  bowling coach to Kings XI Punjab.

But at Yorkshire  I feel grateful for the support and the backing I received from the club, support staff led by Martyn and they players. They have been brilliant.

You always say that it isn't just you in the coaches role that steers 'the ship', but the whole support staff, I and many supporters/members beg to differ, we feel that you have pushed the team  on to great things in your time here. Will you now agree that this is the case?

It has been a real team effort, we would not have achieved what we have, had our 'off  field team' not been on the same page.

I knew that you still wouldn't agree with me!!!

Correct me if I am wrong but 6 losses in 77 championship matches, not a lot of coaches can boast that!

I'm very proud of our players, they are the ones doing the job out there.

The season had been a bit of a rollercoaster, some false starts and then getting to the semis in the white ball competition. How important was this to you?

The players worked hard over the winter to improve their short form cricket.

There is plenty of improvement still to be made.

There is an opportunity for them to perform better and more consistently at Headingley.

Who do you see as  seriously upcoming talent in the team?

Matt Fisher

HMMMMMMM!!!!!! not quite the answer I wanted!!!! (laughs)

England have been dipping into the team regularly since you took over the reins, who do you foresee England looking at next?

There are a number of players who could challenge for places.

Lyth, Lees and Fisher

In the next season or so we will be losing a few of the squad I imagine, Ryan and Andrew will be retiring, how do you think that this will affect the team dynamic?

Galey still has a few years left and Ryan is still bowling well.
However when he goes, Galey's leadership will be missed

Will you be cheering us on next season?

Without a doubt!!!

What one memory of your time here will stay with you forever?

The friendships that I have made with the people that I have  worked with

So, Granddad, you head off back to Australia in a couple of weeks, a bit of R & R, babysitting?

Yes and Yes!!!!!

I  need to spend time with the family

And then onto  The Big Bash 06 with the Adelaide Strikers.

Yes, really looking forward to BBL06

A final with them in the New Year?

If we play well enough

And then on to a whole new challenge

Not sure what's round the corner, we'll have to wait and see!

Well for once I have run out of chatter!!!

Thank you for taking the time last season and now to talk to me

No worries.

There will be a huge hole at Headingley next season.

The club is in great hands with Martyn, Mark and Steve in charge.

The team will only get better.

I am looking forward to seeing YCCC having success on and off the field

I consider myself very lucky to have been given the chance to talk to Jason over the this season and the last.
These 'chats' are something that I will never forget.


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