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Review of the season 2016

Well it's that time of year again when we are looking back on the season and in my case, wondering what I am going to do for the next 6 months!

It all really kicked off in


April 1st saw me trundle off to Darlington Cricket Club to see Gillespie the Gallant and Dave Callaghan entertain the masses with some very funny stories and a great evening.
And then the season commenced good and proper.

Off I trotted to Headingley to see Yorks v Hants.
Lyth hit a century and good old Jonny B hit a double century.
Hants were struggling in the cold of the North and poor old Michael Carberry was wearing 3 jumpers to try to keep warm!
The 19th dawned and it  was coaches '21st' birthday and 10 years to the day since he hit his 201 and then retired from international cricket.
Met our Chairman Steve Denison and the lovely Jemima Bird too.

Rob who made my wicket for me celebrated his birthday and we lost Prince, I know not part of the season but a huge part of my life!

I headed off to Chester le Street to see Durham host Middlesex.
having met up with El Presidenti and The First Lady of Middx  ( PoM & FLoM) the night before the match we were all in high spirits.
And then we had snow, yes snow, white stuff falling out of the sky  and turning a cold Cheater le Street even colder!
Yorkshire were at Edgbaston and TLJL hit a half century, that made my day!
'Carparkgate' started at the Headingley Lodge and was to continue until June!


His Royal Ryaness suffered an ankle injury and I was beside myself,

Gillespie the Gallant gave an interview praising TLJL which made me very happy!

We all heard the devastating news about James Taylor and his heart problem which very quickly ended his playing career.

Headed off to see Yorks v Surrey and having to take a long walk from Car Park F where my car was to be housed due to 'Carparkgate'.

My hate /hate relationship with Andrew Stauss began with the mention of early season matches to take place in the UAE, lovely jolly for him!

I won tickets to the test match and so headed off, picking my mate Steven up in Collingham on the way and we enjoyed a free day of cricket.
Talk of Gillespie the Gallant going back to Australia began!


I headed off to Headingley to see my boys in a Royal London match against Worcestershire, should be a doddle I thought!
However early doors the lovely Jack Shantry decided this was not to be. I watched my boys crumbled, watching with me was the lovely Susan who had popped down for the afternoon, we were joined by Adam super music and bangs man for the event. We should have been there until nearly 10pm but at 6.45pm we hung on to watch the presentations! Yorkshire lost.

I went home wondering what had just happened.

I then had my one and only wobble where my boys were concerned. I am not rehashing it as it is still a sore and painful subject for me to look back on.
After a stern talking to by twitter friend Dan I managed to pull myself together even with the prospect of HRR out for who knew how long with his 'football injury.

I tell you I would have broken his other fibula if I had been able to get to my hands on him!

I headed off to Headingley for the T20 against Notts which had been in my diary since the fixtures came out as I was meeting up with Sophie and all the fun that entailed.

After the embarrassment of being mistaken for 'Momma Bairstow' in the car park by a gentleman from the ECB we headed to our room ( The David Bairstow room none the less) for food and drink.

 Well as rain meant no play, it meant that we did some of the Otley run! most of it for me barefoot.
Will El Tel let Sophie out again next season?

I am sure that he will

Will I manage to keep my shoes on all evening?

I am sure that I won't


Ah yes July started  with a trip to Scarbados to meet up  El Presidenti and First Lady of Middlesex.
We all knew this was going to  be messy and indeed it was!
I will just say that I will forever be  careful of mini buses  in Scarbados and never accept drinks from an opposition spin bowler!!!!

Two now ex Presidents watching  cricket through closed eyes

I was also 'sent' TLJL much to my 'embarrassment' and the ( extreme) amusement of the 'sender'.
however all this excitement did not extend to the cricket as Yorkshire lost to Middx.

On TV we had a full on T20 cricket week, which saw me racing home from Super swanky Lady Lainey  office and watching cricket every evening.
Yorkshire made it through to Finals day!


Big news for August TLJL was capped, yes he is no longer a rosebud, but a full blooming rose and about time too!

I was given tickets to go to Finals Day at Edgbaston, a chance to see the boys  in T20 action. I was so very lucky to be given a lift with Janey and Alan as they were going too.

Met up with Susan and then Sophie and Terry who were cheering on Notts ( sadly they didn't go through to the final)
 After much 'cheering' for TLJL and all the team, it was sadly not to be Yorkshire's day as they lost to Durham, and then not Durham's day as they lost to Northants.

Home, and time to swop cases and head off to Scarbados for sunshine, cricket and relaxing. Whilst the boys took on Nottinghamshire.
I met the lovely mummy of TLJL ( she had seen and heard me at Finals Day!)

I then headed back to Headingley for  the OD semi final. I just never seemed to be of the road.

Well at least I wouldn't be having to contemplate a visit to Lords as we crashed out. I woke up on Bank Holiday Monday in The Headingley Lodge gazing over the hallowed ground only to see the news that Gillespie the Gallant was leaving us. Cried all the way home!


September saw us have a massive win over Durham which boosted the mood of the Yorkshire faithful and also put us right back in the title race.

I finally got to meet the lovely Olivia whilst I had spent 2 wonderful days with Mark at my spot on the boundary

and then.............

A crushing loss over Somerset meant that Lords was going to be the decider.

As the boys headed to Hampshire driven safely by Mark their chauffeur, more surprises were in store for me as Mark knew my old mate Terry. Much picture messaging ensued and I finally got word to my great friend from the 'old days'

The ECB decided that we would play an 8 team T20 tournament next season. Hmmmm why do I not really like this????

Ahead of the last match of the season His Royal Ryanness confirmed that he would stay at Yorkshire for another year (Youpi!!!)

After much upset amongst the Yorkshire followers over Andrew Strauss's decision to not allow Jonny B to play in the final game of the season, but let Steve Finn, the battle commenced at 10.30am on 20th.

I arrived for the last 2 days at Lords,  where I caught up with PoM & FLoM in their last match in their roles. I also met old work colleague Neil and his wife Anne which was brilliant..

Much 'yahooing' in The long Room bar and The lords Tavern ensued.

I was on Sky quite a lot according to the tweets I was receiving,and when Toby Roland-Jones' hat trick  saw Middlesex win, I was seen on Sky crying.

I am not a sore loser, I was just distraught as this did not just mark the end of the season but  the end of an era at Yorkshire, an era that has lasted 5 seasons and seen us move from Division 2 to County Champions (twice). It saw us at T20 finals day ( twice), it saw me in floods of tears ( much more that twice).

This is not all of the excitement that I had this season but it makes me realise how many miles I have travelled to support my boys. The miles  where nothing to the fun, friendship and frustration that I had along the way.
I got to meet up with all my yorkshire chums, Gary, Steve, John, Mark & Sharon,  Craig, Rick Dan,Jim , Susan and Olivia.. As well as spending lots of time with my Durham pals, Mr Funky the Chauffuer, Pauly Paul, Dynamo Dom, Mick, Janey and Alan.
And of course Sophie and Terry,  super Notts fans.

Cricket and friends a perfect combination.

As Gillespie the Gallant leaves us for pasture new, we can only wish him all the best and hope that he never forgets us.
He can be sure that we will never forget him and the great legacy that he has left at the club.

And now I have 6 months to do all the things that I have put on hold since April.......................like my life!

And so with more than one tear in my eye I say goodbye to season  2016

here's to April 2017 and a new start albeit two County Championship matches shorter, but hey, cricket is cricket!.

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