Friday, 14 October 2016

Finally F(ryan)day

Ah yes that wonderful feeling when you open your eyes and realise that it is only 7 working hours until the weekend starts good and proper!

I think that it is going to be a long 7 hours though as we start working on the next phase of super swanky build in central London.

The domestic season seems like a distant memory now that the nights are drawing in and the mornings are dark. it is only a couple of weeks until the clocks go back here in the UK and although we get an extra hour in bed that morning ( not that it will make any difference to me) , it marks the time of hibernation for me.

There is still lots of cricket abroad to look forward to, and I am planning my viewing for the next month already.

However when I eventually head off to Dubai,I may have to take a trip to the international stadium. This was the scene of the  Day/night test, between Pakistan and The West Indies yesterday.
At the start of play there were only 68 spectators, which must has made all the commotion about empty seats at  the test at Durham this year, look like a bit of a joke.
the crowd eventually peaked at 600 as Pakistan closed the first day on 279-1.

This reminded me of my days at Northlands Road, Southampton watching Hampshire 2nd XI, were apart from the teams and staff, there would be Terry the dressing room attendant and L and three men and a dog! I have to say the dog was usually very well behaved.

HWMNBNITB, also made similar comments regarding his non playing at County matches saying there would only be 3 supporters.
In my experience at a 1st class county match, this is never the case , no matter what day of the week it is.
Maybe his family had just shown up to give him some support!?

County cricket is alive and well, regardless of what the ECB try to do to it. Support is ever present and grounds may not be full to bursting, but the faithful still turn out to cheer their team.
And once work is finished you usually get an extra influx of people.

And now with the soundtrack of tyres through puzzles playing outside the Chateau, I guess I had better get myself ready to venture out into it.

Roll on April!

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Your off to Dubai???