Friday, 7 October 2016


Hello F(ryan)day, last day of the working week, the day when I get  to post a picture of His Royal Ryanness, and know that in 7 working hours it is the weekend.

And extra celebrations on F(ryan)day as it has been announced that HRR will be having a two month 'benefit' next season.

I'll be putting some pennies in that bucket, well they don't actually bring a bucket round at games anymore............but they should!!!

Its also a busy evening as I host my charity evening for Breast Cancer. Yes we will all be having mini makeovers ( I think I need a maxi one) and hand massages as well as some nibbles, drinks and playing fun party games.

It should be a great evening.

I have a list as long as my arm for the weekend jobs, but as I know that I have all winter to do them then I tend to feel less pressurised.

Last week I opened a little shop on 'Etsy' and I am already getting orders in for my little 'cricknits'. WOW, who would have thought it!

In cricket news, Edgbaston have announced that they are to host the first Day/night test when the West Indies head there next season. now that should be interesting.

I am going to see the West Indies twice next season, once at Headingley and then again a couple of weeks later at Chester le Street, add to that my trip to see South Africa and it is already warming up to be a great season.

Now here's a little thought for the clubs out there.

It is renewal time for memberships and it is also time to start thinking about the Christmas shopping, SO why don't thy sell their memberships on a 4 month direct debit basis.
if they did this now they may have a lot more takers on the membership front as it is a lot less money to pull out in one go. I appreciate that there would be more administration involved BUT if they added £10 for that iIdoubt that anyone would mind.

just a little thought.

Right off to do stuff!

Until tomorrow

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