Saturday, 1 October 2016

October is here..........................

and that means one thing..................we are getting  nearer to the cricket season!!!
And that is about the only good thing about it being October, unless you have the Yorkshire CCC calendar, and  its a cracking month on there!

If you don't have one.....................well I will leave you to guess who is 'Mr October..

It is not just October but it is also Saturday and so true to form the washing machine is going and the dishwasher will be on  very soon.

I have huge plans for today including laying some of the new paving slabs, burning the mass of cuttings from the bushes and tidying up the extensive grounds of the Chateau, all to be done before the Horsechestnut starts to shed it leaves which will be happening sooner rather than later.

Yesterday I received a message from Black Knight of the Ferrari, who is still having jollies down under, he had got the news of me  crying on TV last week.( not certain how) and arranged for me to have dinner at his former bar.
they had set table for me, greeted me with a glass of champagne, fed me and  gave me wine, needless to say when I arrived home I was a little wobbly.

I awoke this morning to various messages from him, but had been fast asleep before 10 pm!

there is no cricket news about so I will skip over that.

As the weather is fine ( at the moment) I might go and given the lawns a mow ( I only said might) and get on with boring houseworky things as above.

Well this is a super short one however I will say that there was some brilliant news the other day when super cricket friend Clare found out that she has been accepted to go to Africa to work with 'cricket without boundaries' and she is heading off to Uganda in the spring.

Good luck Clare, you will be fab and doing excellent work to promote both cricket and education about HIV/AIDS and FGM.

Have a great Saturday

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