Friday, 17 March 2017

Last day of the working week.........sort of

Ah last working day in the office so I am declaring this 'Fuzzychops Friday'. Sadly old Murphy Fuzzy chops will not be appearing but hey he always brings a smile to my face.

I have to be 'on call' this weekend for early problem calls but I can cope with that having had the last couple of weekends off.

Today will be a case of clearing my desk and sorting out the most important things to be done next week. ( 2 more O & M's to get out the door!).

now strange things were occurring in the Chateau last night, the washing machine was on!!!

'During the week' I hear you all cry!

Well yes, as even though I am on 'early call' duties for  work I am away this weekend and I am really looking forward to it.

Also last night the hoover was out ( yes really!) and the steam cleaner as well as a batch of 'Laineys special coleslaw' being whipped up.
It was all stations go.

This morning I have to  sort out my bag for the weekend and then I can just chill out tonight.

Right, now to 'importanter' things

The North /South series is nearly upon us and Yorkshire's nemesis, Johann Andrew Strauss has told the players involved to stake their claim on a place in the Champions Trophy. Well, considering that we have players in that squad and a lot in the England line up he is looking to once again deprive Yorkshire of men. I think that this season we will show him that his 'master plan' for scuttling us Yorkies is not going to work.

On the flip side England have never won a global 50 over competition so 'Yorkland could go for 'world' domination in that case.

Virat Kohli sustained an injury to his shoulder  but scans show that there is no serious concern about it.

And that concludes my round up of the cricket for today.

I am now off to wash my orange(ish) afro, yes I am nearly back to normal on the hair front......................its the rest of me that is fighting the 'normal' thing!

Have a great Friday, its nearly the weekend!

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