Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Midweek already

Yes it is  midweek already and I cannot believe it!!!

I need to get a wriggle on with the sorting out in the chateau but as you have been hearing this for the last gazillion years, well I doubt it is going to happen before the weekend.

What I will say is that the 'upcycled' mirror matches beautifully with the new curtains so that is a result!

Now onto more important things.
After talking about the new franchise T20, I have to remain convinced that it is a lifeline for clubs in need,however the comment by Lord MacLarin that 'cricket may die without the new T20 tournament' makes me wonder what would have happened if the IPL had never materialised.

Would cricket have died in India?

I doubt that, India a place where children play on scrub land with a real stick and ball.

Cricket is dying in England because it is no longer taught in state schools. yes I know that 'quick cricket' was introduced to some, but hell!, even the name makes a mockery of the game. Cricket is anything but quick.
There are many other factors but my philosophy  is 'get them hooked young and you have a fan for life'

I still have to back what the Chairman at Yorkshire said about it being a way forward, but I will never really like it. I am and always will be a County Championship girl!

Talking about my beloved Yorkshire, as we were told at the AGM the weeks ahead were critical, well good news came through yesterday as it was announced that Leeds Council, has an investor prepared to invest£35m, which means that Headingley is able to move forward now with building work knowing that we will be able to retain Test Status.

It looks as if all that finger crossing worked a treat.

Right I am off to do what I have to do.

Bon journee

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