Saturday, 25 March 2017

Scrub-a-dub Saturday

Hark the sound of the washing machine as it enters into the spin cycle ( and outer space if the noises it is making are anything to go by).

Yes it is Saturday and I have the 2nd load of washing on, the dishwasher is doing its thing.
I am beginning the prep to 'upcycle' a cabinet as I finally got the paint that I needed. YEAY!!!! Finally!!!!

Yes its all going on at the chateau today.

Chickpea patties to prepare, cauliflower korma to make, and if the sun continues to shine there will be some lawn mowing too.

And all before 10am!

yes really!

After 10am the housework will commence with great gusto until this house is ship shape and Bristol fashion.

I am writing in this and hoping that it will happen, but with a banging head and nicely swollen and bruised toe i am thinking that I may just be fit to cross a couple of things of my 'to do ' list

Old enough to know better!!!

So lets see what had been happening

HMMMM I see the availability list for England players is out. Funny that none of the Yorkshire boys are available for the first match against Hampshire.
If some are available for the start of the season why not all???

Am I missing something?

What I am missing is the will to get on, so I am cutting this short and off to try to do 'stuff'.

Hope the sun is shining with you all today

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