Sunday, 19 March 2017

So ....the AGM

So Saturday morning 9.10am I am at my beloved Headingley stadium........for the annual  general meeting.

After meeting cricket chum Gary, grabbing a coffee and having my amazing 'tie' handbag admired. I took my seat (see photo above).

Well, firstly let me say, after 20 years of AGM's at another place where things were skimmed over, ignored and generally hidden from members. It was refreshing to see the clarity of accounts, the honesty of information, which even converted me, the biggest anti T20 franchisit ever!!.

It is still touch and go for my beloved Yorkshire re the new stand with equals continued test status. We need this stand we need the money to build it. Let's do it!

A minutes silence for members no longer with us and the loss of our much respected President, actually moved me to tears, I nearly had to wipe my nose of  Galeys back (he was in front of me).

What I will say is that I have total confidence in our Chairman.

 I believe that Martin Moxon has his finger on the pulse and that we are in the running this season. ( regardless of what Micheal Vaughan says).

With the news that Travis Head is coming over  we could be in short form running too.

In short I BELIEVE!!!!


COME ON 2017 SEASON I'M READY ( hope the rest are)

Oh and have a super Sunday

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ricky said...

Great blog this morning lainey