Sunday, 30 April 2017

Peaceful Sunday morning

It is a beautiful morning, I was up and out having a walk around a very silent town at 5.30am this morning, I even beat the dog walkers!

There is a chill in the air but hey it is still April ( just) and at least it is dry and bright. The beds are stripped and very shortly it will be hanging on the line. And then a morning of cooking will begin.

So to yesterday.

after clearing away the mess that had been curry making the night before in a haze of martinis, I  was tuned t'wireless ready for the start of play at Nottingham.

Sophie was sending me updates and pictures ( TLJL). Yorkshire put Notts into bat and it took over 10 overs before the first wicket fell.
They did however manage  to have them all out for 185.

We could do this..................and we did, with 7 wickets in hand.
The match was an odd one  in that Joe Root was facing his brother Billy who is now with Notts.
Twitter was alive with pics of the brothers heading to the match together.

This was the only cricket played yesterday , although today there is chuffing loads on.

I am preparing for tomorrow when I am off to Headingley, members forum first and then cricket. and catching up with the gang.

Last night BKOTF and I went out to the wilds of North Yorkshire for an drink  in a country pub and a proper catch up.

Things are hotting up for the Black Knight as he is looking to get his company into Scandinavia ( not surprising after spending half the winter out there), I joking asked if he was considering buying himself an island in Sweden......................the look on his face made me wonder if he already has!

I was home and in bed by 11pm.

My life seems to be becoming very boring, home in bed at 11pm on a bank holiday weekend?

ah well since it took me until Wednesday to recover from my weekend in Southampton, probably for the best and  try to pace myself.

Well off to blitz chickpeas, make korma, bake some bread and then clean the car out ( it looks as if pigs have been living in it)

Right off to do stuff.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Super washing Saturday

Can you identify the posteriors?

Saturday morning and the first load of washing is done, it is going to be a busy weekend on the cleaning front.

Thanks to hideous weather this week, I have not been able to mow the lawns after work and so I am hoping that I can get them done over the next couple of days. Backache permitting.

It was another One Day cricket fest yesterday as Surrey and Somerset set too.
 was secretly willing Somerset on and yes I got my wish they beat 'Rockerfeller CCC'

Rain affected the match for Lancs and Leics and after the usual debacle that is the 'Jack & Vera' ( D/L to those not in the know}. it was decided that jack had 3 pints, Vera had 42 perm rollers in her hair at Audreys salon and then was divided by the amount of years Terry was in jail,

the result was that Leicestershire won by 3 wickets

Today sees my boys taking on Sophies boys at Trent Bridge,
Come on Yorkshire but good luck to Notts too ( somewhat splintering my derrière on the fence there,but you know where my heart is really)

The Dame is now in full moving mode and had her last day at work yesterday, she thought she might cry, but she didn't which I think is proof that she is ready to move onto the next stage of her life.

I am keeping this shot as I have to go to the sorting office to collect a parcel...................finally I have a replacement for my vintage Donald Duck cricketer charm, which lost its bat at Lords at the end of last season.
I have been searching all over for this charm, they are hard to come by.

I will be having it attached next week and will feel much better when I am off to cricket with my bracelet on.
Right its a short one but I have lots to do including cooking.

until tomorrow

Friday, 28 April 2017

Yeah its Friday

Ah its Friday and to celebrate I have a picture of old 'Fuzzy Chops' Murphy, my favourite little man.

Today will be about calm and serenity, as I am getting myself into Bank Holiday mode. Also as my back is still giving me jip!

Tonight I am having a curry night with my brand new curry trays ( courtesy of the lovely Mark & Sharon ). If I am not too busy shovelling it down my wineshute, I may take a photo of these trays for you to see. They are the biz!

So what else has been happening.

well it is less than 3 weeks until The Dame is off to la Belle France for good, with any luck I will be 18-24 months behind her.
It is an exciting time and also stressful. I mean she has to pack clothes and things for a month or so...................................I am nearly having a coronary at the thought of trying to do that, seriously if I had one huge case for 2 nights.....................well it doesn't bear thinking about.

In cricket news,
Ireland were told that they must meet new criteria  if they are to get full test status, but they are confident that they can do this. This is to do with finance ( obviously!) and the  performance of the national team.
Good Luck to them I say.

We are only a month into the new season and the One Day matches kicked off yesterday.

Worcsetershire beat Notts, who take on my boys on Saturday.

Warwickshire  beat Northants.

Hampshire beat Kent

Durham and Middlesex's matches were thwarted by rain although the commentary from Lords was hilarious, as the ground was full of schoolchildren and the noise was not what the stuffy old MCC members were used to.

Well my boys will be on their way to Nottingham today ahead of tomorrows match.

So I had best head down the A1 to.........................only as far as Ladylaineyworkville though.

Have a great Friday

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wow its Thursday already

Well it Is Thursday and nearly the end of  the week.

Just when I think that I have got over one hurdle, I see another one ahead, between that and the early morning calls (again) I will be glad when it is the weekend ( and another Bank Holiday).

I am contemplating heading to Leeds on Sunday and staying over............................but then again I could get things done at home if  I stay home until Monday.

Oh well that's all at the weekend and that's all to come.

So the city based T20 is happening, this despite Kent being slightly anxious about thing, they did not want to be at odds with the ECB, they felt that they cannot actively endorse the proposal.

As we know Essex and Middlesex have both voted against it, whilst Worcestershire have gone with it.

38 of the 41 ECB members voted for it too which along with the majority of counties means that we will be seeing the razzmatazz start  in 2020.

The names were released for the squad at The Champions Trophy and one thing that is puzzling me is why when someone misses a tour through injury and has only just got back to fitness they are selected to play for England again?

How can this be?

This to me is why half the squad break down.

It does sometimes appear to be a boys club, when you are in, you are in.

Today is the day that Ireland find out if they will be  closer to being awarded Test status. If this happens Ireland hope to play their first test as soon as 2018.

In other news I am hobbling around like my granny. Having been given some furniture for the family who arrived in England from a war zone, I decided that I could get it out of the car on my own..................well I did but not without injury.

Oh well  a couple of ibuprofen and I will be able to face the world.
maybe not skipping or jumping, but hopefully not shuffling as I am at the moment.

And with that I am off to try to get into the car

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A real gem of a ground

As you will all be aware by now I am a cricket purist, who borders on the edge of being the ultimate cricket tragic.

My love of 'proper' cricket pavilions is legendary ( nearly as legendary as my love of  proper cricket jumpers), a proper wooden building ( even if it is only cladding) is my absolute love. Northlands Road, Southampton being the object of my greatest admiration even though it is long gone.

Having spent many, many seasons at the mismatched, glass and chrome, ground that is The Riverside at Chester le Street, I still do not have any love for the Architects idea of a cricket oval ( obviously they had not been to many).
The inclusion of the 'blue seats' from the 2012 Olympic beach volleyball competition, added another mismatched string to the untidy bow.

I dismissed these new fangled, architectural monstrosities, until last weekend.

Walking up the slight incline from my hotel to the ground, the first thing that I noticed was the white  tented 'turrets; of the main  members pavilion  ( Rod Bransgrove Pavilion).
I went into the ground  and headed to the Arlott Atrium, a wonderful 'outside' inside experience which links in with the members areas.

Walking abound the ground it was interesting to see the food kiosks that they had incorporated into the buildings.
The Indian cuisine at Sanjha ( with restaurants around the area) was wonderful and the staff were brilliant helping to get me something totally vegan.

All of this was  designed to make this ground multi functional ( rock concerts etc)., as well as substantially disabled friendly. ( something the Riverside is still to sort with areas still  gravel/shingle, making wheelchair/walker uses struggle a little)

At  the opposite end to the pavilion is the Hilton hotel with its rooms with balconies that face out on to the ground. Having also eaten in this hotel, I have to say the layout was well thought out and the food was lovely too.

Every one of these rooms were in use with most people watching from their balconies.

Members only areas gave (obviously) great views of the game and the staff at the bars were efficient and very friendly.

With the exception of nearly having a heart attack when told that 2 glasses of wine would be £20 I  have no gripe over the catering facilities, which are well thought out to suit all.

There is glass and chrome in this ground, it is the modern version of a cricket stadium, but the overall feel is of an amphitheatre gives this ground the edge over new designs.

As you can tell I am more than a little in love with The Rose Bowl ( as it was originally known) .
I am already planning another visit!.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tiredness is kicking in

Yes this morning i am feeling the after effects of the weekend and could do with another 12 hours in bed, however I bet that I am nowhere near as tired as Captain Ballance.!

after pulling us back form the brink on Sunday lunchtime with a century, he only went and did it again, twice yesterday.

yes the Captain hit a double century and we managed a draw from what had looked like a crushing defeat .

What I will say is that England can keep their snouts out of Headingley.

Middlesex were denied a win against Essex as bad light stopped play.

After Warwickshire had the upper hand early in the match against Surrey it all went a bit pear shaped, however a near century from the man with no lips, saw a draw.
Well I am happy with that.

Kent had a day off after a win against Derbyshire ( the assistant coach seems to be having an impact there)

No cricket now until Saturday  when we are in One Day action in Nottingham, and then home on Monday to Lancashire.

So I can settle down and get some things done here at the Chateau to get the house into some sort of order ( again).

Work is not improving and today I have a couple of things to do to see if I can alter my situation. for the better.

There is also lawn mowing to be done this evening if the weather stays dry, I am sure that someone came and put 'super growth liquid' on the lawns over the weekend!

This is short, you have the bare facts and I need to press on.

have a great Tuesday

Monday, 24 April 2017

And it all begins again

So after 3 days in southampton I am home and already have the washing machine going.
I arrived home just after 9pm last night after a very good flight back to Leeds.

Now I am preparing for a full week in the office.

However back to yesterday.
We were in a tough position at start of play, although Gary Ballance put in a brilliant batting display and hit a century. we were all out by lunch and Hampshire decided to enforce the follow on.
I was worried to say the least when Lyth went for 6!

Alex Lees started the fight back and then helped by the captain they steadied the ship. Lees fell for 70 and Ballance was 78* over night.
We need to hold on today and try to get a draw out of this game.
The bowling from Hampshire has been exceptional and they have tested us in every way possible.
My thoughts though are that although the ECB let us have Root and Bairstow back for the game, were they  really at their best for us?
its tough I know, I think we would have preferred to see them playing on home soil.

At Lords, Middlesex are in a commanding position against Essex, Steve Finn being in good form.

I will be keeping an eye on the game today although I imagine that my desk will be covered when I get into the office.

I would like to say that if you haven't visited the Rose Bowl then it is worth a trip. The staff are brilliant and the ground is an absolute gem.I'm  not a fan of steel and glass, however  I will take it all back in light of my visit.
The 'Arlott'  Atrium is wonderful and a great place for members to meet and eat.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn then than a minutes walk from the gates to the ground, and that was amazing too, I will be writing a review of this hotel on the my website.

In all I have had a great weekend, meeting  friends old and new.

And now.........................well  I really don't want to think of the week ahead.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

what a strange day

well yesterday was sunny but with a chill wind, which was not made any better by Hampshire refusing to be out.
Berg the scurge of the bowlers, we all know you need to get him out early or he is there for the duration, and sure enough he was!  The innings finished with him on 99*.

I was struggling with the after effects of wine from the night before, but was cheered up when Terry popped round to see me.
I had bought a beautiful print of Northlands Road  from the club shop and Terry had it signed by all the Hampshire boys.
I was over the moon.

However I may have been happy about the picture, but when Yorkshire were on 16-4 I was ready to hit the bottle again!

What on earth was going on?
Well to be honest the bowling was brilliant from the hosts and they had Yorkshire in a bit of a spot, it took Captain Ballance  to really steady the ship and we closed on 128-6 with Gary on 68*.
Its going to be a tough day today as we need to really fight back.

Meanwhile over in Nottingham, the boys were making very short work of 'Suck eggs' and now have 2 days off.
Suck Eggs are not having the best of times.

Meanwhile the 'trophy keeper warmers' are hosting Essex, having declared on over 500, they have the guests at 120-4.
Hmmm they seem to be in the same boat as us!

Kent are motoring along well.

I am now about to head off for some breakfast and the maybe have another hour of sleep.
I would also like to say that my hotel is one of the best I have been in for a while, and the food is exceptional.
I will be writing a reveiw on my website later this week.

Well as my stomach is rumbling very loudly, I am off to eat,

Oh and just to day a huge thank you to Dave Callaghan and Mark Boyle who have been looking after me whilst I have been here.
Its made for a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Good morning from Southampton

good morning from the Ageas Bowl,  and although I am not in the Hilton I am only 2 mins walk from the ground.

So after my great flight down to Southampton, I got myself seated and realised that I had missed the diamissal of the lovely Michael Carberry, I can't believe he didn't wait for me to arrive.

 Hampshire looked like they were not going to be moved.

Ben Coad tried his best (3-49) but after bad light brought the players off  stumps came just in time for me to catch up with the legend that is Terry the Hampshire attendant. and Mark the Yorkshire Chauffeur.

It had been a full on busy day and it didn't end there  as I went out to dinner with the 'voice' of Yorkshire cricket,Dave Callaghan and Mark.

By the time I hit the sack I had been on the go more hours than I care to think about and was exhausted.

So around the county  circuit yesterday this is what happened.

Warwickshire closed their day on 292-6 against Surrey. I am not a 'bears' fan but will be cheering htem on this weekend as I do not want 'Rockerfeller CCC' to win.  How very unsportsmanlike!!!!

At  Nottingham Rikki Wessels hit his maiden double century  against 'Suck Eggs'

Kent  were at home and  taking on Derbyshire, they resume the day on 238-8.

Its going to be a great cricket weekend all round.

And now I am going to walk down to the local Asda and do some shopping so that I have something to eat at the ground.

Have a super Saturday

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I'm off on mini holibobs

By the time most of you read this I hope to be either on the road or ensconced in the lounge at the airport sipping Bloody Mary's and eating cereal.

I am off on a 'rubber band' plane not my favourite mode of transport ( the rubber band bit, not planes), but it was either that or train ( most hated form of transport) or driving which to be honest was not an option.

As you can imagine I am now bouncing with excitement and cannot wait to get to the other end where I am being picked up and chauffeured to my hotel, before I head over to the ground.

I am hoping for a top weekend, even though HRR and TLJL are both out of the side, HRR still  sidelined by injury and TLJL losing his spot. To say this is a disappointment is an understatement.

Joey Root and Jonny B are back, so lets see how this works out.

As you know yesterday I was a little sad at the fact that Dale Steyn is still injured however, I am over the moon that Australia have included Pat Cummins in their team for the  Champions Trophy. Oh the man with the lovely teeth!

I wont be attending any matches as I have had to reign in the trips around the country this year, I will never get to France if I don't make an effort.

And talking about making an effort, I managed to lighten the case by  1 handbag and 2 pairs of shoes!

I will be crying later wishing that I had them.

I know that I do not have much news, but hey I have to get on the road.

I may update this once I have arrived in the 'Lounge'and am having my goodies.

Until tomorrow ( or maybe later)

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorskhire

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Thursday and final work day....

........for this week.

I feel like doing a victory lap just at the  thought of it.

But before then I have a full day in the office and probably a full evening unpacking and repacking my case.

Seriously you would think that I was going away for a month.
I have been watching the weather forecast quite closely and  am trying to cover all the eventualities.

I had put out some dresses but think that they may be going back into the wardrobe.
Oh who cares, I am away, I am watching my boys and I will probably be in my hotel room  fast asleep by 8pm every night!

So is there any cricket news then?

Well yes!

Ben Coad the new 'wonderkid' on the Lane, has signed a one year extension to his contract, I personally would have made him sign for 2 years as you just know that if his season continues as it is there is going  to be a lot of interest in him.

Heartbreaking news for me as Dale ( the stare) Steyn is still not recovered from his shoulder injury. He is ruled out of the ICC Champions Trophy squas, as the break that he sustained last November is still giving him problems.
my worry?
Will I ever see him play again?

In the T20 Franchise, Essex have joined Middlesex in the 'no' camp, those opposed to the idea. meanwhile not surprisingly Durham are backing it, like most counties they need all the money that they can get.

Essex have stated that County Championship, one day cricket and county T20 must be protected.

Well that is what everyone wants.
I wish that I had a crystal ball to see what the out come will be.

I don't need a crystal ball to tell me that it is nearly time to head out of the door.

oh well only 7 hours of 'eedjitville' and then I am on my mini holibobs

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Mid week already!

Well it is midweek already and I am now beginning to get a little bit excited as it is nearly Friday , and not just any Friday, but a cricket Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

However I have to get through two more days in the office and believe me it is not going to be easy!

Well strange things are happening again, after the case of the missing curls a couple of months ago, it appears to be happening again. After washing my hair yesterday it fell into a few lacklustre waves and today it is not looking any better.
hmm not sure what to make of this, as Jacquie the super snipper seems to think that it is when my body is so run down that it takes everything from my hair.
Funny thing is I had broken all my nails last month and they refused to grow, now they are growing again and  the hair is going straight.
Well we will give it a week and if not returned to normal bounciness I will head off to the quack and see what he thinks!

strange things being said in the cricket world as Warwickshire boss Ashley Giles claimed that they could have a relegation scrap on their hands after an awful start to the season.
After two games this is either

1. admission that he has no faith in his team ( unlikely)
2. A complete bluff as they have something up their sleeves ( more than likely)

Somerset has announced that James Hildreth has signed a four year deal with them staying with the county until 2021.

there was a great piece on HRR in the Daily mail yesterday. Not one to read the paper normally I saw the link and have to say it was funny and interesting all in one.

Will the big man be back on Friday?

Well I will have to wait and see.

And now I am off to work.

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

And that was Easter

and this is Tuesday and back to work, however only for three days!!

And they are going to be three full on days both in the office and at home I can just tell.
However what an Easter weekend it has been.

Yorkshire wrapped up there match at Edgbaston without really even getting a grass stain on their whites. It took a bit of spin from Rashid to seal the victory in just eight overs.

thoughts now are to the end of the week and the trip to Southampton.

Nottinghamshire, also won and  are now top of Div 2,.........yes I know there is a long way to go, but it is something to make the Notts fans smile ( Sophie).

Hampshire were held to a draw against the 'Trophy keeper warmers', which despite the upcoming match, I am very disappointed about.

And Kent won over 'Suck Eggs'.

So in the chateau all was peace and calm yesterday with the results.

However it was frantic with the on going work and to be honest I think I made more mess than I sorted!.

I also watched a bit of IPL, just in time to see 'Captain'Morgan drop a catch and have a fit of temper. Then  out for 13 and leaving the pitch with 'that face' on!

Even Glenn Maxwell couldn't pull off his usual heroics and Kings XI Punjab were beaten by Sunrisers Hydrabad.

I know that many are not fans of IPL,. However watching the 'glued on smiles' of the dancing girls and their lacklustre performances I think the ECB need to make sure that this  little interlude is not included in the franchise format.

I am racking my brain to come up with an alternative, but can't, let the cricket speak for itself.

And now I am off, I have only 3 boys in the office today so there should be some sort of normality.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Sunny Bank Holiday ( at the mo)

Its a lovely sunny morning and I  have just hung out the sheets on the line only to find Pink Hippo bundled up in the them!. He needed a wash , but not fully 'clothed'. well at least jumpy and Hippo are all clean for their trip to Southampton.

And talking about Southampton, well it is gearing up to be a great trip.

Lets talk cricket

yesterday my Yorkshire boys were on fire, or rather Ben Coad was (again).

They left Warwickshire 85-9 at stumps and need one wicket today to be on the coach home and getting sorted for their trip 'darn sarf'.

Ben has been amazing in their first 2 matches and with his 10 wicket match haul he is proving himself, well and truly. I think that HRR and Booksy may be wondering where they  fit in when they are fit to return to fitness.

I will be keeping a beady eye out for England selectors because they are not having Ben ( just yet).

The rain delay did nothing to affect this young man and Warwickshire could be in for a very heavy defeat.

Notts were affected by  the rain yesterday, today they need to get 'bambi Boy' out first ball and then finish then off.

Kent are looking good and they could be singing on the coach home at this rate.

And then there was Hampshire..............................the lovely Michael Carberry falling foul of Tim Murtagh and so close to another century. it could be a draw, but with the way this weekend has played out all over the CC anything could happen!

And I am off to work in the garden after being washed out yesterday, and then pack my case ( again) and prepare for another week at work (well 3 days).

have a relaxing Easter Monday

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Sunday

happy Easter, its a busy one today, as I have lots to do and will try to get to Chester le Street to cheer on the Notts boys....................because yesterday was  a goody there.

So here is what happened around the cricket yesterday.

well the Yorkshire boys continued their march onwards with the amazing Ben Coad stepping up again  5-52, this lad is on fire.

I swear if I see any England bods sniffing round him, I might be forced to use unladylike language!
Yorkshires batting was looking much better with Hanscomb hitting 75 and Bressy getting off his duck and hitting 61.

TLJL got 40 so I am extra chuffed.
Warming up to be a real game this!

Middlesex are down at Southampton and the lovely Michael Carberry is doing us Yorkies a favour by thwarting the bowling attack
Come on you Hampshire boys!!!

And then there was Chester le Street...............................and Big Luke Fletcher.

After taking wickets the other day, the big lad fell 8 short of his maiden century. He was on 92 before Captain Collywobble waded in.

Well Luke, all I can say is there was much cheering for you here at the château.

He appears to be on a roll and with not am ounce of fat on him, the new streamline Fletch is looking to have a great season!

Down in 'Suck eggs', Kent were moving on despite a 91 last wicket stand by the hosts.

And today?, well I am off to start railing painting and lawn edging and all the things that I would refer not to do.

But all for the greater good.

have a peaceful Easter Sunday.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Busy Busy

Busy, busy this morning, chilli bread is proving  and I have to head off to town to the Post Office, then home for a spot of housework before putting my feet up later....................that's the plan!

So after going back to bed for an hour yesterday morning, I then took off on a non stop 'cook fest' and the freezer is now well and truly full, which means that  I have lots to eat this week.

I was keeping an eye on all things cricket and was getting 'Yupdates' from Birmingham. And boy were the White Rose boys on fire, especially Ben Coad who is now one of the best known bowlers in Div 1. 4-47!!!
The Bears were 152-8 at stumps.

This is going to be some game.

The bowlers had a great day at Chester le Street too as Notts had all the Durham boys back in the hutch for 162.
Big Luke was excellent with figures of  3-23.
Sadly Notts  batting was letting them down so I am hoping that they come out fighting this morning.

Over in Div 2 Kent are in 'Suck Eggs' for the weekend, and they put on 304 before they were all out.
they even took  a wicket before heading back to the hotel.

I spent the evening with besty friend Christine and her pack of hounds, Sheba the arthritic German Shepherd, Leo the blind, diabetic Doberman and Hector the 3 legged Lurcher!
Entertaining is one word to describe the evening, bruised is another, as all 3 dogs wanted to sit on me at the same time!
I walked home at about midnight, and the town was totally quiet, I didn't pass a soul on the 15 minute walk and when I got to the Chateau, there was not a light on in the road.

Now I am off to the town to do my 'stuff'

see you tomorrrow.


Friday, 14 April 2017


YEAY!!!! it is start of 4 days holibobs and I am super excited, I was still awake at stupid o'clock as normal but I have had a little lie in too.( and a hangover)

Today is all about getting the lawns cuts and edged and then if time is on my side I may also paint a couple of railings, ( will still have over 20 to do after that ). They look lovely but are a pain in the backside to maintain.

I have also prepared lunch for myself or at least know what I am having...............................and it is 'fishless' fingers, mushy peas and chips! Well it is Good Friday.

My boys start there match against Warwickshire today, whist Kent are in Sussex.

I will be keeping up to date with how my Yorkies are getting on, and my 'spy' in the camp has promised to give me updates.

I will also be keeping an eye on the Nottingham score and willing those boys onto great things, they need to hit the ground running and get themselves back into Division 1 next season...............where they belong!

Middlesex have  become the first county to vote against the T20 rule change, not quite sure what the implications will be, but it does look as if they are concerned that they won't get the London based side playing at Lords, and probably right as Rockerfeller CCC will get it. Hope they change there strip brown is so boring!

BKOTF is back and I am still to glean where he has been in between 'aurora hunting ' and now. Sadly too much rhubarb gin last night meant that I have no idea what was said.!
He is well and looking very relaxed which was more than I was when he tipped up as I had washing strewn all over the dining room and was slightly the worse for 'breaking up for holidays'!

So without further ado, I am off to put more washing in and get myself motivated....................which means that I may go back to bed for an hour!

Have a relaxed and peaceful Good Friday

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Ah last day of the working week!

Last day of my working week!!!! and next week I only have 3 days in the 'oriface'!!!! As you can tell I am a tad excited!!!!!

Right so lets get things done this holiday weekend.

Lawns to mow, front and rear.

Railings to front of Chateau to be repainted.

Carpets to be steam cleaned

All downstairs windows to be washed ( as a window cleaner is still to be found)

By the time I have done that unpacked and repacked my case ( 10  time) it will be time to go back to work!!!

I spoke to Harry Latchman yesterday, he was off to the AGM at Lords last night which was  his last duty.

What a wonderful President he was, he attended every match home and away  over both seasons.
Shame he never played for Yorkshire!

The whole 'will the ECB let him play' is rearing its head again as they have refused to let Stuart Broad play against Notts this weekend.

 Yorkshire have Root and Bairstow available to play at Hampshire, Whilst Adil Rashid is available for the Warwickshire match.

Plunkett and Willey are still injured and I doubt that we will see Willey this season fit or otherwise.
And it was his last chance to work with HRR which was one of the reasons for coming to Yorkshire in the first place.
Ah well only time will tell.

Well time to head off and do my thing.

have a great Thursday, it's a 'fake Friday' for some of us.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Midweek and I am packing

Yes last night I was checking the things that I need to take to Southampton with me and to be honest for 3 days I have a lot of things set aside.

Oh for travelling light!

Those are words that I have yet to be able to adhere to.

Over in cricket the first shock of the season ( and its less than a week old) is that Leicestershire opening batsman has decided t leave the club and the game immediately!
He is off to do something else in cricket and will no longer be a part of the club.
he is off to do other things in the game although at present there is no indication of what that is.

The MCC have decided that there will be some rules changes from October this year, which will include sending offs and  and penalty runs.

Thirdman and batsman will remain ( and note not the word 'BATTER') however 'he' will be removed.

I am all for equality but do think that this is PC one mad!

Is this the way forward for the game?
I feel not but what do I know?

Well after all the 'hoohaa' about million pound boy in the IPL his team were thrashed by the Delhi Daredevils.
I feel an injury coming on!

I also feel work coming on so I am scooting out the door at warp speed.

Until tomorrow which for some is the last working day of the week!


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

OK Tuesday lets do this!

I woke up this morning feeling as though I had been run over by a steam roller, and so tired that I considered pulling the duvet over my head again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then I remembered that after today I only have two days at work this week. Oh the feeling of extreme joy!!

Yes off on Friday and then a 3 day week next week, how wonderful!

Even better is the news that Liam Plunkett has signed an extension to his contract and will be with Yorkshire until the end of season 2018.
Now we just need him fit and back in the team.

Still no news on when the 'Rolls Royce' will be out of the garage, but I'm hoping that he will be fit for the return Hampshire game next week.
We need to mix up the bowling attack as the Hampshire boys seemed to get the gist of what was coming this weekend.

I still think that they should have brought on Lyth or Leaning at some point.
But what do I know?

Anyway enough of milling over what should have been.

time to march onto the next game.
next up is Warwickshire, not a favourite in my book and I expect a win to keep the Bears in line.

In other cricket news Essex beat Lancashire which wilted the Red Rose slightly.

Kent head off to Brighton later this week for their match

A little bird whispered to me last night that they thought that Rockerfeller CCC would win the Championship this season, safe to say his number has now been removed from my phone!
If we don't win I would rather a North London team did it again.

And now I am off to do battle in my own field, and yes it really is a battle as projects flood in and I have no administrator to help out.

oh well at least there is coffee to keep me going!

See you tomorrow

Monday, 10 April 2017

back down to earth with a bump

Well it is back to work today after a full on cricket weekend.

But sadly not the end result we were wanting!.

The morning started hot and sunny and with some very tired looking people milling around in reception after the antics of the wedding party.
U headed out to have a walk and blow away the cobwebs, ready to head to watch my boys.

it was tough going and w e were trying everything to egg on a wicket, 'walking a wicket', 'moving seat for a wicket'  and 'praying or a wicket' it took a good  while before  the lovely Michael  Carberry was bowled 931.1 overs to be precise).
we had to pull out some stops here!

We sat through lunch and tea and it became more worrying. the initial total of 320 runs to win was ticking down.

The sun disappeared and a chill wind arrived. Donning jackets we were all still hopeful.

At 5pm, I decided to head off home never imaging  that by the time I got there thee it would all be over, and not in our favour.

Yes the boys of former best team in the south had done it!

a win for Hampshire!

Well it is early days!

Down in the 2nd Div, Kent had an amazing win over Gloucestershire, as they bowled hem out for 61 and are this morning all having a lie in.

Notts too are enjoying a free day after their win against Leicestershire.

Oh well no time to be downhearted, cricket is here, we have to take the losses and learn from them.

We are Yorkshire, we will bounce back.

And now time for me to bounce into the office and start the week.

Have a cracking one where ever you are.

and thank you to my wonderful cricket chums, Clare, 'Olivia',Mark and Gary for making the weekend such great fun

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunshine, cricket and friends

and so I arrived at Headingley after a drive in the most glorious sunshine. I hadn't even got seated in 'my spot' when  friends started turning up and this  was the way that the day continued.

It was great to see Ray 'the gatekeeper' who was his usually chatty anmd smiley self.

Yorkshire managed to tear through Hants  with Ben Coad taking another wicket and 'little' Timmy Bresnan taking 4! and then were back bat.

Well it was going well and then it wasn't! and then it was, and then it wasn't and that was sort of  how it went.

Hanscomb out for 4
TLJL out for  15 ( he needs runs)
Bressy out for another duck

And then there was Hoddy!!!
Oh yes he hit a fabulous  54 and Clare, Christine and I were soooooo excited
Captain Ballance hit 55 which made his total for this match quite outstanding.

Hampshire are back in with the wonderful Carbs at the crease and need 310 to win.

Its also going to be a scorcher today so I am preparing accordingly.

Elsewhere,Northants beat Glamorgan in 2 days! so the  lads get a bit fo R & R.

Notts are close to a win against Leicestershire, with Big Luke getting in on the wickets!.

Kent are in a strong position too.

I am slightly tired this morning as there was a wedding at the ground yesterday.

After a day in the sun, I was ready for an early night with a glass of bubbly.....

........however 'The Nolans' were in the Mood for Dancing quite a lot and judging by the singing along to this, it was a favourite of all the guests.( and playesd at least 5 times by my reckoning)

And so today I am in the mood for sleeping.

if I nod off onthe boundary someone wake me up!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

and I'm off................

yes, I am about to get the car out of the garage and  then not long until I am wending my way down to Headingley, to say that I am excited is an understatement!

However lets have a look at the opening day of the season proper!.

Yorkshire went in to bat and with a Captains innings par excellence, Gary Ballance hit 120!
TLJL hit 7, so he needs to pull out all the stops in the second innings.
Yorkshire were all out for 273, with Steve Patterson  finishing on 37 not out.
Well done Patto

Hampshire went into bat and the lovely Michael Carberry hit 22, but Adams was gone before the 2nd over, Vince gone before the 4th and close of play they were 5 wickets down thanks to Ben Coad!
What a start to the season for the youngster!!!!

Come on Ben do us proud(er)!

So today  I will be hoping for some more heroics and some great cricket.

Northantd bowled Glamorgan out for 101.

 Ex Durham boy Mark Stoneman hit a century for 'Rockerfeller CCC'

Kent lower order saved face in the 2nd Div match against Gloucestershire ( the Dizzy effect?)

So day 2 is going to be very interesting.

I am packed and ready, I am about to stuff peanut butter and banana on toast down my cake hole, have a gulp of coffee, quick shower and  then ...................I'm off

Its Saturday and its a cricket day

have a good one!

Friday, 7 April 2017


Yes indeedy doody, it is finally here and I am not there! if you get my drift, roll on tomorrow.

I love the picture that came out of press day, but with HRR being injured was it really right to make the 'Rolls Royce' sit on the floor!

This is however one of my favourite pictures of my boys.

So what do I have planned for today?

Well I was hoping to have the day off and get to the meetings at Headingly, however workload is not getting any less, and so I need to put the 7 hours  into trying to clear my desk, sort out things 'a far'  and get organised.

I am really gutted about this but needs must.

And now the season is finally here, I can put the final touches to my travel list and I  think that I know where I am going, when and where I am staying.


Really looking forward to my jaunt to Southampton to catch up with old mate Terry (  & Mark). That is one of my earliest outings.

Ah yes The Rose Bowl, its no Northlands Road but time moves on.

It's all going off at Leicestershire!!!

What on earth!!!!

Fined £5000, deducted 16 points with  a further 8 suspended for 12 months, players banned from playing, it really doesn't make for good reading, or good cricket by the sounds of it.


My great friend and sports journo Will Powell, made his predictions for the County Championship titles and it was as follows.
Div 1. Yorkshire
Div 2 Worcestershire.

Well  I can go with that, would be good to see 'Commando Boys' team back in the top flight again!

For those of you going to Headingley today, I hope that if Hants go into bat first you will give Michael Carberry a standing ovation.
What a fighter that man is.

Right I am off to the office and wish you all a very happy 'Cricmas Day'

OMG!!! its finally here!!!!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Thursday already

I feel like staying in bed this morning, I am tired and I have little motivation to go to work, however needs must and there is cricket at the end of the working week.

the IPL kicked off with a win for Sunrisers Hydrabad, I however was too busy in a mad clearing frenzy to watch any of it. No doubt I aill be watching it as it unfolds.

yesterday was press day around the counties. a day of photos and interviews ahead of the season. Some great photos coming through from the Yorkshire boys, so keeping my eyes peeled for more.

Essex will be without Cook for the opener of the season as he is suffering form a hip injury.

The season hasn't even started and the players are dropping like flies!.

Warwickshire announced that the 'man with no lips' will be with the for even longer as he signed another contract. They posted this news with the scariest photo of him ever! he was supposed to be smiling..............

Middlesex named Brendon McCullum T20 captain  as he will be with the side again for the short form games.

Following on form Alec Stewart yesterday and his thoughts on T20 franchise, Tom Moody the former Australian batsman has waded in and said that he thinks that it si a no brainer for the game in this country.

Well it obviously has people talking down under too.

And that's about it on the cricket round up.

I want to go back to bed, I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I guess that i need to toddle off to the 'oriface'.

have a great Thursday.................... and life takes on new meaning tomorrow as we begin  6 months of the best game n the world!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Midweek madness! not really but it is midweek and that means for me that I am closer to my first weekend of cricket this year. I can hardly contain myself.

However there are still a few on going things that I need to get sorted out before I head off down the A1 on Saturday morning.

Hopefully they will all be resolved by then.

So last night, my old school chum Nev, called round to collect some furniture and other bits and pieces for a family that have been brought to our town to live in safety.

I really do know what it is like to go into a house with nothing but a few clothes and your handbag, to be fair mine was not through war, although at times it felt like it!.  It makes it even more important to me to help out, just as people helped me.

Sometimes you need to walk a mile in their shoes.

Now onto other things, like cricket!

Yorkshire thrashed Leeds/Bradford MCU, all out for 182 just before 3pm.

Well that gives the lads a bit of time to get themselves together before they take on Hampshire on Friday

Just as most of us were coming round to the franchise T20 thing, Alec Stewart goes and throws a spanner in the works by saying that  he has concerns for the plans. well as he is the  Director of Cricket at 'Rockafeller CCC' I am not sure that the money is the worry for them although  he says the money will not be enough to get other clubs out of debt.
Well how are they going to get some money if not by going with this?.
£1.3m a year guaranteed is a big incentive and a good start on the accounts pages. of these clubs.

he is also concerned at how it will affect the other forms of the game.
As are we all Alec, but we won't know until we try it.

For once it is not me that is rattling the cage!!! now there's a first!

As the IPL prepares to take off with dancing girls and screaming crowds, I wonder if the corset of Britishness will be unlaced to mimic the enthusiasm that they show.
Will we 'let it all hang out'?

Well only time will tell.

Happy Wednesday and remember.......

Throw kindness around like confetti.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Plan for the week...

It's going to b a long week I can feel that already so in preparation for this I have a picture of my favourite ' little man'  this morning. A picture of  'fuzzy chops' Murphy is always guaranteed to make me smile.

So you can see that yesterday at work was not the best.

However I have more important things to think about.

I have a secret 'project' to complete before the weekend, a bag to pack, and food to sort out so that I will not be going hungry.

And I might even get some 'house clearing done too.

So lets have a looky around the cricket from yesterday and see how it is going.

Well Adam Lyth hit his 21st  FC hundred and was looking very happy about it, we need a few of those this season too.

But hey guess what??

TLJL only went and hit 64!!! Oh that made me smile! Well done that boy.

Elsewhere, Durham were playing at my old home/work.stomping ground of Merchant Taylors School in Moor Park, thanks to my friend Will who posted some wonderful pictures of the grounds and the pavilion. scene of many happy days.

I have to scoot early this morning as a lot to do before 'normal' office hours.

Have a great Tuesday, I i am on countdown to the weekend

Monday, 3 April 2017

when cricket comes up trumps

If you ever needed some motivation to get yourself sorted on  a Monday morning then take a look at this picture!.

this man, this time last year was playing cricket and looking forward to the season, and then  in July he had the rug pulled out from under his feet as he was diagnosed with cancer.

Fast forward to yesterday, and he is back with the team and scored a century!!!
Fighter, trooper and all round lovely man.

I for one cannot wait to see him at Headingley this weekend.

Its good to see Carbs back.

However the opening of the season was not great for all as Haseeb Hammed, who mid season last year was being dubbed the new wonder kid of England cricket.
Had to retire from the match yesterday with an injury to his hand. This comes after a finger injury forced him out of the England squad in India over the winter.

here's hoping he is on the mend soon.

And then there was Yorkshire.
They were taking on  Leeds/Bradford MCCU, who they bowled out for 137, with some impressive bowling from Ben Coad (2-17)
The youngsters are going to earn their pay early season with injuries to the bowlers.
Lyth will take to the field today on 61, and I for one will be keeping a close eye on the events.

I had a wonderful day with my friend Sarah as we headed off for a spot of retail therapy before heading home for a vegan lunch, something that I think she enjoyed.

And now I am off to work.
Be motivated this Monday.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday with Sarah

Well it is Sunday morning , the beds are stripped and remade and I am about to start the hoovering.
I seem to be on  top of things so far, it could all go downhill later, which no doubt it will, as my friend Sarah is coming over to do a spot of 'wombling' around the charity shops  and then we are having lunch........which may* include wine

* will

Now yesterday I was super busy as washing, cooking, painting and a spot of 'cricket force' took place.

I put down a double layer of weed suppressing membrane , swept and cleaned the wicket ( according to the instructions of its maker 'Uncle'Rob). Then the 'little men' got a dust down and they were all in place in time for the arrival of Pete the pigeon who is still trying to figure out how he can get to the 'fat ball' hanging up.
As he is so fat that he can hardly fly, I hardly see him 'hovering' to eat said balls!

Today however is very important, it is really the start of cricket for us Yorkies. The boys are taking on Leeds/Bradford MCCU.

It is also time for the cricket mugs to come out, and I am now having my 'french ground' out of one of them.

It's finally here!!!! winter is really over.

All chatter on twitter seems to be cricket based, and everyone seems to be as excited as I am.

I am hoping that the weather picks up here, after a glorious morning yesterday we were then subjecting to torrential rain which managed to flood the toad out side the Chateau.It is still grey and over cast here but I am hoping that  I can get the washing out on the line.

to all those heading to Headingley, have a brilliant day.

To those staying at home I wish you the same.

have a peaceful Sunday.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Calm is restored

So after causing a bit of a kerfuffle on here this week, today is full of peace and harmony.

The washing machine is washing away in the kitchen, the dishwasher is  doing its thing and I am preparing for a very early appointment with Jacquie the snipper extraordinaire, as she attempts to tame my now fully back to bouncy curls, and re carrot them, in readiness for the start of the cricket season.

And then I will be back to the mundane sort of things like, housework and cooking and shopping and.....................well you know!

So lets see what the news is on the cricket front.

Well after I caused a lot of talk ( unintentionally for a change) about Franchise T20, ICC chief Dave Richards thinks its time for T20 cricket to be included in the Olympics.

Now this I am in agreement with, it would be good to see where loyalties lie with the whole set up,

No doubt 'WHMNBNITB' will be South African again

And Captain Morgan will be over the water like a leprechaun out of hell.

That aside, I would love to see cricket included, it sure beats some of the sports that they have.

And talking Ireland, they were well and truly thrashed by Afghanistan in the Intercontinental Cup. Afghanistan  won by an innings and 172 runs!

This means that Ireland's hopes of qualifying for a Test challenge and becoming a full member of the ICC has suffered a considerable blow.
Ireland  have their next match against The Netherlands at home in August.

No news from Yorkshire on the state of HRR's hamstring so we will all be hoping that the 'Rolls Royce' is  in the workshop having a bit of fine tuning in preparation to open the bowling next Friday.

And with that  I am off to do 'stuff', like 'stuff' the car full of 'stuff' to take to the charity shop and 'stuff' my face with a full 'English' vegan style.

have a great Saturday,

This time next week, I'll be getting ready to head off down the A1