Thursday, 13 April 2017

Ah last day of the working week!

Last day of my working week!!!! and next week I only have 3 days in the 'oriface'!!!! As you can tell I am a tad excited!!!!!

Right so lets get things done this holiday weekend.

Lawns to mow, front and rear.

Railings to front of Chateau to be repainted.

Carpets to be steam cleaned

All downstairs windows to be washed ( as a window cleaner is still to be found)

By the time I have done that unpacked and repacked my case ( 10  time) it will be time to go back to work!!!

I spoke to Harry Latchman yesterday, he was off to the AGM at Lords last night which was  his last duty.

What a wonderful President he was, he attended every match home and away  over both seasons.
Shame he never played for Yorkshire!

The whole 'will the ECB let him play' is rearing its head again as they have refused to let Stuart Broad play against Notts this weekend.

 Yorkshire have Root and Bairstow available to play at Hampshire, Whilst Adil Rashid is available for the Warwickshire match.

Plunkett and Willey are still injured and I doubt that we will see Willey this season fit or otherwise.
And it was his last chance to work with HRR which was one of the reasons for coming to Yorkshire in the first place.
Ah well only time will tell.

Well time to head off and do my thing.

have a great Thursday, it's a 'fake Friday' for some of us.

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