Saturday, 1 April 2017

Calm is restored

So after causing a bit of a kerfuffle on here this week, today is full of peace and harmony.

The washing machine is washing away in the kitchen, the dishwasher is  doing its thing and I am preparing for a very early appointment with Jacquie the snipper extraordinaire, as she attempts to tame my now fully back to bouncy curls, and re carrot them, in readiness for the start of the cricket season.

And then I will be back to the mundane sort of things like, housework and cooking and shopping and.....................well you know!

So lets see what the news is on the cricket front.

Well after I caused a lot of talk ( unintentionally for a change) about Franchise T20, ICC chief Dave Richards thinks its time for T20 cricket to be included in the Olympics.

Now this I am in agreement with, it would be good to see where loyalties lie with the whole set up,

No doubt 'WHMNBNITB' will be South African again

And Captain Morgan will be over the water like a leprechaun out of hell.

That aside, I would love to see cricket included, it sure beats some of the sports that they have.

And talking Ireland, they were well and truly thrashed by Afghanistan in the Intercontinental Cup. Afghanistan  won by an innings and 172 runs!

This means that Ireland's hopes of qualifying for a Test challenge and becoming a full member of the ICC has suffered a considerable blow.
Ireland  have their next match against The Netherlands at home in August.

No news from Yorkshire on the state of HRR's hamstring so we will all be hoping that the 'Rolls Royce' is  in the workshop having a bit of fine tuning in preparation to open the bowling next Friday.

And with that  I am off to do 'stuff', like 'stuff' the car full of 'stuff' to take to the charity shop and 'stuff' my face with a full 'English' vegan style.

have a great Saturday,

This time next week, I'll be getting ready to head off down the A1

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