Friday, 7 April 2017


Yes indeedy doody, it is finally here and I am not there! if you get my drift, roll on tomorrow.

I love the picture that came out of press day, but with HRR being injured was it really right to make the 'Rolls Royce' sit on the floor!

This is however one of my favourite pictures of my boys.

So what do I have planned for today?

Well I was hoping to have the day off and get to the meetings at Headingly, however workload is not getting any less, and so I need to put the 7 hours  into trying to clear my desk, sort out things 'a far'  and get organised.

I am really gutted about this but needs must.

And now the season is finally here, I can put the final touches to my travel list and I  think that I know where I am going, when and where I am staying.


Really looking forward to my jaunt to Southampton to catch up with old mate Terry (  & Mark). That is one of my earliest outings.

Ah yes The Rose Bowl, its no Northlands Road but time moves on.

It's all going off at Leicestershire!!!

What on earth!!!!

Fined £5000, deducted 16 points with  a further 8 suspended for 12 months, players banned from playing, it really doesn't make for good reading, or good cricket by the sounds of it.


My great friend and sports journo Will Powell, made his predictions for the County Championship titles and it was as follows.
Div 1. Yorkshire
Div 2 Worcestershire.

Well  I can go with that, would be good to see 'Commando Boys' team back in the top flight again!

For those of you going to Headingley today, I hope that if Hants go into bat first you will give Michael Carberry a standing ovation.
What a fighter that man is.

Right I am off to the office and wish you all a very happy 'Cricmas Day'

OMG!!! its finally here!!!!

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