Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Mid week already!

Well it is midweek already and I am now beginning to get a little bit excited as it is nearly Friday , and not just any Friday, but a cricket Friday and Saturday and Sunday.

However I have to get through two more days in the office and believe me it is not going to be easy!

Well strange things are happening again, after the case of the missing curls a couple of months ago, it appears to be happening again. After washing my hair yesterday it fell into a few lacklustre waves and today it is not looking any better.
hmm not sure what to make of this, as Jacquie the super snipper seems to think that it is when my body is so run down that it takes everything from my hair.
Funny thing is I had broken all my nails last month and they refused to grow, now they are growing again and  the hair is going straight.
Well we will give it a week and if not returned to normal bounciness I will head off to the quack and see what he thinks!

strange things being said in the cricket world as Warwickshire boss Ashley Giles claimed that they could have a relegation scrap on their hands after an awful start to the season.
After two games this is either

1. admission that he has no faith in his team ( unlikely)
2. A complete bluff as they have something up their sleeves ( more than likely)

Somerset has announced that James Hildreth has signed a four year deal with them staying with the county until 2021.

there was a great piece on HRR in the Daily mail yesterday. Not one to read the paper normally I saw the link and have to say it was funny and interesting all in one.

Will the big man be back on Friday?

Well I will have to wait and see.

And now I am off to work.

Happy Wednesday

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