Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Plan for the week...

It's going to b a long week I can feel that already so in preparation for this I have a picture of my favourite ' little man'  this morning. A picture of  'fuzzy chops' Murphy is always guaranteed to make me smile.

So you can see that yesterday at work was not the best.

However I have more important things to think about.

I have a secret 'project' to complete before the weekend, a bag to pack, and food to sort out so that I will not be going hungry.

And I might even get some 'house clearing done too.

So lets have a looky around the cricket from yesterday and see how it is going.

Well Adam Lyth hit his 21st  FC hundred and was looking very happy about it, we need a few of those this season too.

But hey guess what??

TLJL only went and hit 64!!! Oh that made me smile! Well done that boy.

Elsewhere, Durham were playing at my old home/work.stomping ground of Merchant Taylors School in Moor Park, thanks to my friend Will who posted some wonderful pictures of the grounds and the pavilion. scene of many happy days.

I have to scoot early this morning as a lot to do before 'normal' office hours.

Have a great Tuesday, I i am on countdown to the weekend

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ricky said...

2 down 3 to go ..... oh no I'm working sat & sun