Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunshine, cricket and friends

and so I arrived at Headingley after a drive in the most glorious sunshine. I hadn't even got seated in 'my spot' when  friends started turning up and this  was the way that the day continued.

It was great to see Ray 'the gatekeeper' who was his usually chatty anmd smiley self.

Yorkshire managed to tear through Hants  with Ben Coad taking another wicket and 'little' Timmy Bresnan taking 4! and then were back bat.

Well it was going well and then it wasn't! and then it was, and then it wasn't and that was sort of  how it went.

Hanscomb out for 4
TLJL out for  15 ( he needs runs)
Bressy out for another duck

And then there was Hoddy!!!
Oh yes he hit a fabulous  54 and Clare, Christine and I were soooooo excited
Captain Ballance hit 55 which made his total for this match quite outstanding.

Hampshire are back in with the wonderful Carbs at the crease and need 310 to win.

Its also going to be a scorcher today so I am preparing accordingly.

Elsewhere,Northants beat Glamorgan in 2 days! so the  lads get a bit fo R & R.

Notts are close to a win against Leicestershire, with Big Luke getting in on the wickets!.

Kent are in a strong position too.

I am slightly tired this morning as there was a wedding at the ground yesterday.

After a day in the sun, I was ready for an early night with a glass of bubbly.....

........however 'The Nolans' were in the Mood for Dancing quite a lot and judging by the singing along to this, it was a favourite of all the guests.( and playesd at least 5 times by my reckoning)

And so today I am in the mood for sleeping.

if I nod off onthe boundary someone wake me up!

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