Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Thursday and final work day....

........for this week.

I feel like doing a victory lap just at the  thought of it.

But before then I have a full day in the office and probably a full evening unpacking and repacking my case.

Seriously you would think that I was going away for a month.
I have been watching the weather forecast quite closely and  am trying to cover all the eventualities.

I had put out some dresses but think that they may be going back into the wardrobe.
Oh who cares, I am away, I am watching my boys and I will probably be in my hotel room  fast asleep by 8pm every night!

So is there any cricket news then?

Well yes!

Ben Coad the new 'wonderkid' on the Lane, has signed a one year extension to his contract, I personally would have made him sign for 2 years as you just know that if his season continues as it is there is going  to be a lot of interest in him.

Heartbreaking news for me as Dale ( the stare) Steyn is still not recovered from his shoulder injury. He is ruled out of the ICC Champions Trophy squas, as the break that he sustained last November is still giving him problems.
my worry?
Will I ever see him play again?

In the T20 Franchise, Essex have joined Middlesex in the 'no' camp, those opposed to the idea. meanwhile not surprisingly Durham are backing it, like most counties they need all the money that they can get.

Essex have stated that County Championship, one day cricket and county T20 must be protected.

Well that is what everyone wants.
I wish that I had a crystal ball to see what the out come will be.

I don't need a crystal ball to tell me that it is nearly time to head out of the door.

oh well only 7 hours of 'eedjitville' and then I am on my mini holibobs

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire

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