Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A perfect day

Well after a fairly quiet drive down the A1 yesterday morning I arrived at Headingley bright and early and parked in my old nemesis CAR PARK F!!

I had a quick change of clothing ( I had taken clothes for all eventualities) in the car  and eealised that there was a drone hovering around and wondered if my strip would be on Sky!
I unloaded the bags and like a Sherpa contemplating Everest, loaded myself up and headed up St Michaels Lane.
I met up with 'grandad' John who I have to say is looking very dapper with his new beard, then into the ground to dump my bags ( base camp).

I nipped up to the Long Room and then headed back out, only to bumped into our Chairman and the lovely Jemima. I got good news. The wonderful Carole would be in attendance today, wish I'd brought the chutney!

Back to 'base camp' and  had a quick chat with Michael and Steve, before Mark arrived. The gang were gathering.
Clare and Christine arrived shortly after followed by Jim.

we got ready.

Yorkshire were batting and we needed to go big here to keep the 'dark side' in check.

Lythy and Jonny B opened and put on some tuns before Jonny fell for 28.

Little Joey Root came out to his usual 'theme tune' 'ROOOOOOOOTTTTTTT' and hit  21. Captain and 'oveseas' Tyke them put on a brilliant batting display ( 85 & 86 respectively).

We were merrily munching through soup and croutons, sandwiches, bean patties and slurping coffee.

I have to say it was a tad ( like Himalayan !) cold at times, but  when the sun came out it was time to strip off the layers and bask in it.

We closed the innings on 296-1 slightly short of what we had had been banking on but no worries.
We saw the 'Dark side off ' with  some brilliant bowling and fielding, even though  Lythy got sent to 'Coventry ' ( football stand end) for a miss! He made up for it within two balls.

We then met up with Dave who came over for a chat and after a few years of   tweeting each other we had finally all got together.

Then it was time to go home, but not before a quick visit to the VIP room for a  chat and hug with Carole,and then back to  hit the A1 and home.

That was one tired Lady Lainey last night.

What a perfect day with friends.

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