Monday, 8 May 2017

Back in the real world

Well I finally thawed out about 2am with the help of the electric blanket which I am still loathe to remove from my bed. It was a cold one at HQ yesterday to say the least.

I arrived in time to have a wander round the ground and to get myself sorted in my seat, have a chat with John and Michael and Ray before Christine arrived.

Clare was hoping to join us later  after she had already put in  a very eventful morning.

Yorkshire were batting and as I said yesterday, they needed to get runs on the board.
Lyth and Lees set the ball rolling ( or off to the boundary).

Lees went first which brought TLJL to the crease, and shortly after Handscomb was in.
I was willing TLJL to a good innings and he hit 39, however Handscomb hit  140 and there was much whooping in 'Cow Corner'
Clare arrived with Ellis and after all having lunch Yorkshire were racking up runs. finishing their 50 overs on 349

the interval saw a display of cricket from local children, some of whom had been sitting with us and had taken a shine to Derbyshire's Jeevan Mendis.. Poor bloke everytime he was near the boundary a chirp of voices were yelling 'Jeevan Jeevan' They kept the face painting lady busy as they all had 'Jeevan' painted on their foreheads!

I was going to join the queue to have 'TLJL' on mine!

Yorkshire took to the field and we were willing wickets.

Then disaster stuck, TLJL went to get a ball on the boundary and went down like a ton of spuds. No one went to help.

I was nearly over the fence before anyone went to see if he was alright.

After a few pats on the back from his team mates ( is this the new 'magic sponge?) the 'Fizzio' decided to take him off the field  so as not to over excite 'Her Ladyship' by exposing Jacks leg.

!0 minutes later he was back  and obviously the 'Mr Bump' plaster did the trick as he took an outstanding catch just by us.
Oh how we cheered.
However we were starting to get twitchy as Derbyshire were piling the runs on.

it was a close one, Derbyshire finished on 334 in their overs.

What a day!!!

Fun, food and friends.................and great cricket from our boys.

And now, well, building, boys and boredom, thats what I have to look forward to!

have a great Monday whatever you are doing.

The question on everyone's lips though is 'Where's Hoddy?'

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