Friday, 26 May 2017

End of the week already

Friday is here and the weekend is upon us, I have packed my bag this morning ready to head off to Headingley first thing in the morning. Wooohoooo cricket!

I tell you I need it after all that has gone on this week, I am ready for the weekend.

And so I have checked the cricket news and I don;t like to say #I told you so'., but I told you that there would be injuries in the England team especially those who had been out to the IPL!
Yes Ben Stokes is a doubt for the match tomorrow.


Good news for the BBC as they will be showing highlights of the ICC trophy every night during the competition.
 It will be like the old days when I used to settle down with Dad to watch cricket on  the BBC.

Interesting read about Doug Bracewell the New Zealand cricketer and his drink driving offence. its on the BBC cricket website.
He seems to be in cahoots with the other 'enfant terrible' of New Zealand Jesse Ryder. Dougs  past misdemeanour's seem to feature Ryder a lot.

Today I  am going to be able to listen to Essex v Surrey on't wireless.
I never thought that I would be cheering for Essex ( well not these days, but did when Ronnie Irani played there).
So come on you Essex boys!!!

I have lots to sort out today so I feel that it will be full on busy, its 6.20am so I think that I need to hit the road and get an hour under my belt before the arrival of the office boys!

and talking about the office boys....................

......... Trill Boy has come out with his best 'version; of a song to date, yes indeed.  Who will ever forget the classic by Earth Wind and Fire.......................'Boogie Underground'!!!!!
I would like to say that I would like to forget this but....................I wont!

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