Saturday, 20 May 2017

I had a 'lie in'

Well after the longest busiest week I decided that this morning I would have a lie in, so I am now in bed typing this on the laptop.

However as you would imagine, the washing machine is on and I am preparing to set to work clearing out the boot room. It has of late become a dumping ground and so I need to tackle it before it spills out in to the hall.

Ah yes, I may have had a lie in but my thoughts are still on the jobs in hand.

However  lets rewind to yesterday and the first day on a while, of County cricket.

I tuned in to the wireless ready for the start of the match only to hear the brilliant news that 'Hoddy' is back.

yes after leaving him out of the one day side and not hearing even a whiff of a mention of his name, he was back in the squad.

Now to say we got off to a flying start is an is actually a down right fib, as within 5 overs we were 9-2!!

Lyth and Lees both gone.

Handscomb and Ballance stepped up and steadied the ship, before TLJL came out.
I could only cross everything and hope for a brilliant innings.
After losing 'little' Timmy Bresnan  & Rafiq, in came HODDY!!!!

And together with TLJL they  took us to the close of play.
Hoddy 41, TLJL 54. 251-6

So now I will have every radio in the house blasting out at 11am.

Sadly during the course of play Jimmy Anderson sustained an injury and left the field.

South Africa were playing a warmup match in Sussex and beat them by 66 runs

And those Nottinghamshire boys are playing with real meaning, they want to be back in Div 1 were they should be.

I am now about to hot foot it to town and grab some provisions ( 12 tins of chick peas), and go to the post office.

Have a great Saturday, its good to have proper cricket back.

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