Friday, 19 May 2017

it's been some week

well it is finally Friday and what a week it's been, I can tell you this, I will be glad when  I close my office door today!

It is also back to 'proper' cricket ,as the County championship matches start again.


Interesting that Ian Botham is under fire already for none attendance at Durham ( a bit like when he was paid to play). He claims that  he is not there to hold the players hands and have a cup of tea with them.

Well yes, we all know that a Chairman is not there to do that!,  in fact the cricketers are not his responsibility, however a presence is always good.

He has been given the role to bring the county back from the brink.

He ought to take a leaf out of Yorkshire Chairman's book, he is in touch with the members and supporters, often seen walking around the ground,  and still doing what he is supposed to.( and holding down a full time job to boot).
 I am sure that the same can be said about other Chairmen.

I did say it would end in tears...........................

The pay dispute  with Australia rattles on however head coach Darren Lehmann says that although it will be a distraction during the champions trophy he does not think that it will affect the Ashes, well he should know!

And it is nearly time for South Africa to step into the limelight here in the UK, Abraham Benjamin will not be playing test cricket but he will be in the one day squad.

I am now cutting this short as I have a lot to sort out this morning and not a lot of time to do it in

Have a fab Friday

it is nearly the weekend

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