Sunday, 21 May 2017

Not a lot to report today.....

Old picture as Jack is still a 'Rosebud' in this one.

hahahahaha......................of course there is!!!!!

And it starts with TLJL getting a century!!!!!

What else can I say..................well you know me I can say a lot.

Firstly he made top billing on the BBC cricket website, and rightly so!

What a boy, however no one man makes a team, he was partnered by Hoddy who  sadly fell early in the match, which then was rained on , so the boys all went back to the dressing room to play with their 'Brut' freebies ( and yes this is true, there are videos to back this up)

Jack Brooks took to the crease and between the 'Jaybirds' they set about piling on the runs.

By stumps Yorkshire were 412-7  with TLJL on 118 and Brooksy on a career best of 94.

I would not be surprised to find a mass migration over the Pennines for start of play today.


Notts were showing amazing form yesterday  most especially Big Luke Fletcher who took 3-60.

The Division 2 leaders have put themselves into a strong position against Glamorgan, so I will be keeping an eye on this match.

Talking Nottingham, I am now on countdown until I go to stay with Sophie and El Tel for the South Africa test in July. To say that I am excited is an understatement , I have my bag packed already! ( although you know that I will re pack it at least 100 times before I go)

Today I have the horrible task of disposing of a dead 'Mrs Blackbird' who is currently lying between two of my hydrangeas and very close to the hydrangea 'nursery'.

I tried to do it yesterday but just couldn't, however I think I need to 'man up' and clear up.
This is probably the only time in 10 years that I wished I had a husband!

Right I have bedding to hang out as the beds are stripped and currently on the spin cycle.

Then Tesco for a quick shop and home for the start of the cricket.

Have a wonderful Sunday

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