Monday, 19 June 2017

2 days and counting

No looking back now, I am only 14 working hours from leaving Super Swanky Lady Lainey office for ever. Yes I am sad to be leaving the job that I essentially love, and had for many years, but the situations that have developed over the last 3 years have made every working day intolerable and so I will be glad to close the office door tomorrow night and know that it  I will not be subjected to any of it again!

However I still have 2 more days of it before then!

Lets go back to yesterday.

Washing was merrily waving on the line and  Dame Didi and I were ensconced in 'le jardin' sunning our selves, it was glorious, and for once quiet as the neighbours had not managed to get themselves out of bed.

The vine in the garden has once again started to form grapes and  one of the Dames hydrangeas ( which she cannot take to France with her ) is showing some real promise after being   given a brutal trim.
In fact all but one of the hydrangeas in the 'nursery' are doing well, the one in question has fabulous leaves but is showing no signs of flowers...................this is the one that was very very dark purple last year.
I like to think that it is saving itself for next year when it will give me nearly black flowers.

So with   cricket on the radio it was a very lazy and peaceful day in the sun, I say peaceful, the noise from the Oval in the Champions trophy final must have been deafening.
India v Pakistan.

Well if you had asked me yesterday  morning the outcome, I would have given my winner...................and I would have been very wrong!

Pakistan put in a great innings and then completely took India down in the bowling stakes. when I realised that they were  54-5 I knew that they were in trouble.

it was a great match made better by scenes of both fans taking pictures for and with each other.
Pakistan are champions but on the day cricket won!

Today my boys are at Lords, I am devastated not to be there for even one day but the new job is looming and I have to put this to the forefront

I am hoping to be getting my 'Yupdates' from 'James Bond' ,The spy at Lords for me  ( see what I did there!!!??)

I will be keeping up with this on't wireless too.

And now time to put on some slap and head off to the coal face.

Happy Monday one and all

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