Sunday, 25 June 2017

I'm feeling very achy today

Well I struggled to get out of bed for two reasons this morning,

firstly  I finally got more that 2 hours sleep and I  feel as if I have taken the strongest sleeping pill in the world (please note I did not take a sleeping ill at all).

secondly, I set too and mowed the lawns at the front of the chateau .....and in a record 1.5 hours too, normally it takes me a week of doing little bits every evening...............which with hindsight is probably the best thing to do as I ache in places that you shouldn't ache my thumb!!!! WTH!!!!

Ah well it is done although I am going to give it a quick run over again today and then tackle to bushes  which need chopping back.

Then the Dame and I are heading to Tesco ( oh we have such exciting plans for today) before heading home to settle down for the cricket.

It is the last few days of the Dame staying with me before she heads off to France and a whole new life.
She is looking forward to becoming part of a small community  and entering into local events. She is already lined up for a Portuguese evening at the end of this week!!!

I meanwhile am heading  off on a mini holibob this week and hoping to make up for lost sleep, as well as catching up with friends.

It is going to be a difficult wee  also, in more ways than one, but that is ahead of me and not for right now.

so with out further ado I will go and strip the beds, sort out some breakfast,  and  get out in the garden to do 'stuff'.

there may also be a bit more cooking going on too.

Righio, time to head off.

Until tomorrow.

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ricky said...

Have a great week Lainey