Wednesday, 21 June 2017

One chapter closes

And another one starts....................well not today, as I am having a mini holibob and then going in to new job for 1.5 days.

Today I have woken to rain and grey skies which sort of  knocks the lawn mowing on the head, it also may knock on the head the plan to go up and see the wonderful Jack Russell who is at The Riverside this week with his fabulous paintings.

Hopefully it will brighten up and I will get a chance to go and see him.

What I am not liking the thought of is what is occurring at Lords!

What on earth are the boys doing?

Firstly I have to say I was shocked that TLJL was dropped and is currently with the 2nd's and doing pretty well too.
Alex Lees continues to be 'cat like' but I 'm not sure how many lives he has left.

after Middlesex were bowled out for 446 ( HRR 3-69), Lyth and Lees took to the field and although it was nearly 8 overs in,Lees was gone for 4.
His scores are not great in CC at the moment, is it time to give him a rest?
Lyth only managed 37 and seems not to be able to maintain good scoring.

We are trailing by 260 runs and since we are starting today with Ballance on  53 and HRR on 3 well........ much as I dearly love HRR and would love him to hit a double century in his last season,I think that we are in for a good spanking by the Middx boys.................and yes I know there is another innings  but it is Wednesday and unless it starts to rain and snow I fear that nothing will save us.

Many thanks to 'James Bond'  who is keeping me up to date with everything,keep up the good work 'James'

COME ON YORKSHIRE do something amazing!

And then there is Nottinghamshire, more to the point there was Samit Patel who hit 247 ( we could do with that figure!) and have nigh on demolished Leicester who were all out for 134 and follow on 414 runs behind.

What great cricket this has been

Right well the sun appears to be trying to break through so I had best get a wriggle on.

See you tomorrow very bright and early!

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